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On the Firing of Les Miles

A few thoughts on the firing of Les Miles. Short version: LSU is stupid.

Week 5 Preview

Holy cow, it's a good weekend. Let's see why.

Week 4 Preview

It's another good weekend, with lots going on. So let's check them out.

Week 3 Preview

There are big games this weekend, and I can't wait to get it started.

Week 2 Preview

It's one boring week. Everybody knows it. Let's just get through this and move on.

Week 1 Preview

It's the first weekend of college football, and it has a bunch of great games! How cool is that?

Some of the Bowls Preview

Long story, but I have been unable to upload a bowl preview. So here's the best I can do.

Week 14 Preview

It's championship week! We all know the score on teh playoffs, so let's see waht we can expect this weekend.