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Week 14: Championship Week Preview

by Big Al

It's time for championships in the conferences! Let's guess who's going to win thoee championships, shall we?

Western Michigan vs. Ohio

Even if I had a compelling reason to pick Ohio in this game, I would still pick Western Michigan. Even if I thought Ohio was going to win this game, I would still pick Western Michigan. I'm picking Western Michigan.

Colorado at Washington

I'm glad to see that the Pac-12 finally figured out how to have games at a neutral site. However, it also ruins the one time northern teams could play a championship-level game in cold weather. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Washington had one bad loss against USC, but otherwise they have been impeccable. Colorado has gone from worst to first in the Pac-12 South and are an impressive Cinderella story. However, they have not played well away from home. Washington wins.

Temple at Navy

Unfortunately, if Navy wins, it's going to throw the whole bowl season into a tizzy due to their additional game on December 10 against Army. I expect Navy will win and Western Michigan will have to hold their horses and their breath while they wait to see where they land.

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma

Oh, what could have been. If only Oklahoma had beaten Houston in week 1. If only Oklahoma State had beaten Central Michigan in week 2... and the referees hadn't blown the call that allowed CMU one more play.

But, that's where we're at. The thing I don't like abou the playoffs is that they diminish the importance of a game between two huge rivals for a conference championship. This is a big game!

I really have no insight as to which team is going to pull this one out. Which is exactly the sort of time that Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State. Again. Why mess with history?

Alabama vs. Florida

I'm more likely to pick Ohio than Florida this weekend. And there is a 0% chance I would pick Ohio. Alabama wins.

Clemson vs. Virginia Tec

I wouldn't put it past Virginia Tech to pull out a win here. They are dangerous and Clemson might be packing their bags to... um... Glendale? Is that where the 2 vs. 3 game is being held? Seems like I should know that. But I'm in a rush, so I can't look that up right now. Anyway, I'm picking Clemson, but no result in this game would surprise me.

Wisconsin vs. Penn State

For as much of an accomplishment as Penn State's season is, they are lucky to be in this game. I'm picking Wisconsin. But let's not understate the accomplishments of this Penn State team. They pulled off a 10-2 record, they beat Ohio State, they beat all the other teams they needed to beat. This year was a real treat for a proud program that took a lot of lumps... mostly deserved, but some not. Either way, let's just enjoy the fact they made it this far.


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