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Week 10 Recap

by Big Al

You might say that, this weekend, we took out the trash. For reasons explained below, I'm not real happy about having to say that.

Iowa 55 - Ohio State 24

I was going to call out this game in my preview, but I also know that, because I am an Ohio State fan, I tend to talk about Ohio State too much. But I wasn't going to pick against Ohio State, so I saw no real reason to point this game out. Oh well.

That Iowa did this to Ohio State is not surprising. That this game happened against Ohio State wasn't. Every player behind the defensive line seems confused by forward passes and they have the worst set of receivers in college football. I don't say that because I am a pessimistic Ohio State fan, I say that because none of them can catch. I'll grant that JT Barrett was far from good in this game. But when he hit his receivers in the hands, they would drop it. And for some reason, Ohio State refuses to give the ball to their running backs.

Meanwhile, Iowa played very hard, clearly scouted the Buckeyes very well, and did everything right. It was almost like they knew every play and every defensive alignment. They played fantasic and was definitely the better team. Even if Ohio State had played well, they still would have lost this game, because Iowa was clearly more talented and more prepared than Ohio State at every position.

Michigan State 27 - Penn State 24

I did not see this game because it was delayed for something like 3 hours or more. I think that played into the hands of Michigan State, especially when Penn State was trying to come off of a crushing loss the previous week. When you lose a game you should have won, the best thing to do is play another game. And Penn State got out of sorts. Michigan State, meanwhile, is figuring out that they are much better than last year's record gave reason to expect. They still seem to be figuring out who they are, but they are showing that they are a team to reckon with in the Big Ten East.

On the plus side, the Big Ten is one team away from sparing themselves the ignominy of getting into the playoffs again.

Washington State 27 - Stanford 24

Washington State is not dead yet. They needed this game to stay in the Pac-12 race, and they pulled it off. Kudos to them for getting themselves straightened out and back on track in the conference.

Clemson 38 - NC State 31

Clemson is still the class of the ACC. Miami may have something to say about that later this year, but Clemson is the team to beat. NC STate, meanwhile, is quickly finding out that they have a lot of work to do before they get up to anything other than the middle of the pack in the conference and the country.

Miami 28 - Virginia Tech 10

With this result, Miami showed that they are not going to make it easy on Clemson. I figured that Virginia Tech would be able to keep it close, because Miami always plays close games. But with this show of strength against a good, ranked team that is familiar with their game, Miami is definitely in the game for the conference and the nation.

West Virginia 20 - Iowa State 16

And with that, we can go back to forgetting about Iowa State. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. We'd already forgotten about West Virginia.

Oklahoma 62 - Oklahoma State 52

And with that, we can go back to forgetting about Oklahoma State. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Oklahoma is still in it for everything, though, so keep track of them along with TCU.

Alabama 24 - LSU 10

Has Alabama played Georgia yet? No?


Washington 38 - Oregon 3

Washington isn't dead yet. Like I said, they have a lot of work to do, but they got a lot of help from the Big Ten this weekend.

USC 49 - Arizona 35

I keep thinking Arizona might be ready to return to some relevance. Then this happens. How woefully predictable.


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