College Football Research


Week 11 Preview

by Big Al

Washington at Stanford

Washington can keep climbing the ladder with a win here. I'll go with them to keep that going.

Michigan State at Ohio State

After last week's catastrophe, I think Ohio State would be better off going out of town for their next game, because the crowd is going to turn on them in no time. But they're at home. And Michigan State is going to win.

Oklahoma State at Iowa State

Is Oklahoma State ranked in the top ten? No? Then Iowa State is in big trouble. Oklahoma State wins.

Florida State at Clemson

If Florida State is going to make any sense out of this season, they need to win this game. Florida State will not make any sense out of this season.

Georgia at Auburn

This is one very interesting game, as it is the biggest game Georgia will play in since Notre Dame. Auburn is not Alabama, but they are a very dangerous team that could make hard for Georgia; especially on the road. Since a Georgia loss here would maximize the confusion in college football, I expect that very thing. Auburn pulls off the win.

Iowa at Wisconsin

Wisconsin has been all that exciting this year, due to an unremarkable schedule. This is their biggest game so far this year and their first against a ranked team. Iowa isn't exactly excellent, but they did embarrass an Ohio State team that was due for some embarrassment. Wisconsin is not due for that. Wisconsin wins.

Alabama at Mississippi State


Notre Dame at Miami

The '80's are back! Notre Dame and Miami are something like rivals again, and they have a big game against each other! I know a lot of college football fans have no idea of what I'm talking about, but this used to be a bigger game than Michigan-Ohio State. It was bigger than Texas-Oklahoma. It was bigger than the entire SEC schedule combined. It was absolute war between the two biggest teams in the country, and they absolutely hated each others' guts. Those games were the stuff of legend, and have entered the realm of mythology.

Notre Dame has a pretty good resume, but their biggest win so far this year is a one-point loss to Georgia. If Michigan State wins this weekend, that will change that formula, but that's conjecture right now. Meanwhile, Miami's biggest win was last weekend over Virginia Tech. Either way, for whichever teams wins, it will be the biggest game they have won so far this year. Notre Dame's track record so far this year is much more impressive, with many more wins over good teams, and many more convincing wins. Miami, however, keeps winning close games against bad teams (ahem, Florida State). Notre Dame is the better team. And yet a Miami win here would actually cause more chaos in college football because it would cause the playoff committee to need to figure out what to do with a Miami team that they essentially discounted. Not to mention the fact that they would need to deal with a TCU or Oklahoma team that also had a huge win this weekend. So, for the very reason that it would maximize confusion, I predict that a Miami win is exactly what will happen.

TCU at Oklahoma

These two teams are finally meeting! But for Iowa State, this would be the titanic matchup of the weekend, but now they have to share the spotlight with Notre Dame and Miami. Rather a shame for the Big XII, since they could use an enormous national splash. But they are getting plenty this weekend, so I'm not feeling too sorry for them. Baker Mayfield has been on a tear all season, and has been putting his name firmly into the Heisman Trophy race. He keeps it there with another shootout victory.


Bowl Preview 1

Bowl games! You know, those games where teams get to go play a sport for fun. Doesn't really fit in with the modern sensibilities, I know. Anyway, here's the first batch of games.

Week 14 Recap

A fundamentally boring week of conference championships. Explain that to me.

Week 14 Preview

Championship weekend. I'm still not a fan: too many opportunities for teams to drop games that can mess up their seasons.

Week 13 Recap

Rivarly week didn't provide too many surprises, but there were enough that's the week is worth talking about.

Week 13 Preview

It's rivalry week! But it's an amazingly uninteresting rivalry week. I seriously can't believe how uninteresting this weekend is. It's rivalry week, and the games aren't interesting. What the heck?

Week 12 Recap

One interesting result, and a whole lot of nothing happened.