College Football Research


Week 1 Afterword

by Big Al

Well, it was an eventful weekend. And I have been so insanely busy over the last week that I never had a chance to talk much about the games. But I did have a few things that I wanted to say to nobody in particular, so here we go.

Michigan 33 - Florida 17

I admit I only saw part of this game. But the parts I saw, Michigan entirely dominated Florida on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Look, I appreciate that Florida hasn't been itself lately, but they still get very good recruits (Have you heard about football in the state of Florida? There are rumors that it is okay.) that know how to play football. It would be one thing if they looked like they were anemic. But they looked like they were physically not up to Michigan's level. Yes, there were a lot of Florida players who were suspended, but I don't think there was a single starter on either line who was out for this game. I think we can pretty well pencil in Michigan for a 6-0 record by the time they head to Penn State on October 21.

Alabama 24 - Florida State 7

Yes, Florida State was pretty well shellacked in this one, but I was actually very impressed with them. They were holding up very well against Alabama, who always kicks the crap out of every team they play in week 1, regardless of who it is. They were hanging in there throughout, and I was actually more confident in their ability to make the playoffs after this loss than I was before it. And then that sack. Ugh. What a way to start a season: by ending it. Deondre Francois has been such a tough player, I think everyone was devastated to see this happen to him. I said before the season that I had the least confidence in Florida State to make the playoffs out of the top-4... this is not how I want to be right about that.

UCLA 45 - Texas A&M 44

I was watching this game on my phone while I sat outside in front of a fire on a cool fall night. It was a really nice. For Texas A&M fans, however, it was not.

Giving up a 34-point lead is just incomprehensible. I seriously can't even wrap my head around watching that happen. But late in the game, you could see that they wheels were falling off of that wagon. All Texas A&M could do was hope the clock ran out before they did. Big "nope" on that one.

However, I would also like to point out that Josh Rosen was excellent in that game. I'd seen him a couple times before but never saw the big deal: he always looked like a guy who was just doing whatever the quarterback's job was on that play. He never looked like he was going through progressions, he looked like he would go to his primary receiver every play and even when he started the play looking at another receiver, that's because that's what he was supposed to on that play to move the safety away from the primary receiver. But in this game, he looked like a guy who was making decisions, finding receivers, improvising, and making things happen. In short, he wasn't just in there playing the quarterback position, he was being a quarterback.


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