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Week 3 Afterword

by Big Al

It looked like a relatively tame weekend. Oops.

Tennessee 26 - Florida 20

So, this was a Florida team that had nine starters suspended for this game and probably still has a pillow taped to a rear end that got thoroughly kicked by Michigan. Their method of winning was jaw-dropping, and unless you were rooting for Tennessee, it was one of the best finishes you will see all year. But if Tennessee wants to be taken seriously, the Gators should not have been in the game in the first place. The reports of Florida's demise have been exaggerated. But so have the reports of Tennessee's return. The Volunteers still have a lot of work to do.

Mississippi State 37 - LSU 7

Um, what in the holy @#$% was that? As said, I would not have bet on Mississippi State winning, but I wouldn't have bet against it either. But if I were given a point spread of 29, I would have taken that if I were in Vegas. I don't know if we are underrating MSU, but I'm pretty darn sure we were overrating LSU.

Kentucky 23 - South Carolina 13

It seems that we can pretty well say the South Carolina rennaissance has run its course.

Clemson 47 - Louisville 21

I can't say I am too surprised by this result. Louisville has little defense and no offense that doesn't run through Lamar Jackson. Clemson is a complete team. Lamar Jackson can only do so much. Clemson confirmed their continued presence in the playoff discussion.

USC 27 - Texas 24

I'll grant that the result itself was not the least bit surprising, but the closeness of it definitely was. I doubt USC was uninspired for this game, though the fact Texas lost to Maryland might have made USC overconfident. Texas was definitely up for this game and gave it all they had. Perhaps we had better not make too much of USC. Perhaps we'd better start taking more notice of Maryland, who beat Texas in week 1 by scoring 51 points on the Longhorns.

San Diego State 20 - Stanford 17

And speaking of reasons we might not want to make too much of USC, this one was quite a surprise. I heard a lot about how USC outmuscled a physical and talented Stanford team, but this does take some air out of that tire. Perhaps we had better take more notice of San Diego State. However, this may provide some additional reasons to not take USC so seriously. But September results can be misleading; mostly because teams don't really know what they are in for quite yet. Stanford sure wasn't.

Memphis 48 - UCLA 45

And if you needed any other reasons to think that the Pac-12 might not be quite as big a deal as one might hope, this was one of the most exciting or the most exasperating games of the day, depending on whether you were just watching the game or rooting for one of the teams. I suppose Josh Rosen is taking a lot of blame for this loss, but he did more than enough to win. He's the reason they were even in the game; he's not who gave up 48 points.

In other news, I don't know who Anthony Miller or Riley Ferguson are, but I want them on my team. Well, okay, I know who they are now.

Northern Illinois 21 - Nebraska 17

And speaking of conferences taking a lump, this one does the Big Ten no favors. Of course, throwing two pick-sixes in the first quarter aren't going to help either. But one would usually expect Nebraska to be able to score more than 21 on Northern Illinois. Nebraska's defense held up their end of the bargain, but their offense has a lot of work to do.


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