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Week 4 Recap

by Big Al

Week four was a lot of things, but boring was not among them. So let's see what happened.

NC State 27 - Florida State 21

No result loomed larger than this one. It was not surprising, but it was very important. Florida State will, in all likelihood, still have a decent year. But they have a lot of work to do.

Oklahoma 49 - Baylor 41

Considering Baylor came into this game having been held to 20 points by Duke and 10 points by UTSA, I'm not ready to pencil them into the playoffs yet.

Penn State 21 - Iowa 19

A game-winning touchdown on the very last play of the game is just about as exciting as a result gets. The result itself was predictable, but the process was incredible. Saquon Barkley was incredible, and Trace McSorley looked like more than a one-trick pony. Iowa gave it all they had, but Penn State was more than up to the task. I think everybody watching that game saw Iowa score their go-ahead touchdown with 1:59 left and thought, "Uh oh." And they were right.

USC 30 - Cal 20

Not sure what to make of this game. USC has not been throttling teams like they were expected to do, so I'm not sure that they are as great as they were made out to be. I think they are still behind Washington.

Washington 37 - Colorado 10

Washington, on the other hand, has been taking care of business like a coked-up middle manager. Even in their trip to Colorado—which I thought might be dangerous—they left no question at the end. They remain the team to beat in the Pac-12.

TCU 44 - Oklahoma State 31

TCU stated their case as the biggest threat to Oklahoma in the Big XII. Oklahoma State isn't dead, but they have their work cut out for them.

Michigan 28 - Purdue 10

There were a lot of people pointing to this game as a danger to Michigan. I did not. Purdue did put up a fight. But it was their defense, not their offense, that was keeping it close. And then Michigan was just too much for them. Not a surprising result.

Georgia 31 - Mississippi State 3

And just like that, we can go back to ignoring Mississippi State. It was a good week for them. Georgia, meanwhile, is a team to watch out East.

Florida 28 - Kentucky 27

When Florida was down by 13 in the fourth quarter, I started wondering who was going to be Florida's next football coach. But then I thought again and figured that they'd pull it out one way or another. They are still Florida. And Kentucky is still Kentucky.

San Diego State 28 - Air Force 24

San Diego State passed a significant test here, and are still in the race for a big bowl. Still a long way to go, but they are in the running.

Arizona State 37 - Oregon 35

Oregon, meanwhile, is not doing well. I thought maybe their win over Nebraska could give them some momentum, but that is done after this. I think Oregon football may have run its course.

Texas A&M 50 - Arkansas 43 (OT)

Oh, Bret Bielema. You need to win some of these games.

Tennessee 17 - UMass 13

I thought maybe a game against UMass would help Tennessee recover from their heartbreaker against Florida. It's a win, but it's hardly one to give them a boost.

Nebraska 27 - Rutgers 17

I heard that Nebraska fans were booing their quarterback. That just doesn't sound like the sort of thing that Nebraska fans would do. But the Huskers need to get a lot better fast, this is getting bad. Rutgers, meanwhile, just cannot get anything going.

Notre Dame 38 - Michigan State 18

Michigan State has just fallen off the map entirely in the national and conference picture. Not sure what the deal is, but they are not even a little bit good. Mark Dantonio is not fireable yet, but consider him on notice.

Stanford 58 - UCLA 34

Turned this game on and promptly fell asleep. Looks like UCLA's defense did too.


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