College Football Research


Week 4 Preview

by Big Al

The picture is much clearer this week, though it is still far from clear. This week, we learn more about some of the teams.

NC State at Florida State

Now we see how Florida State is doing after losing Deondre Francois for the season. I expect Florida State to win, but this is the first real challenge for them after losing their starting quarterback. We will learn much from this game.

Central Florida at Maryland

We learn a little more about Maryland here; UCF is a decent team from year to year. Maryland's win over Texas is looking more impressive after Texas took USC to the brink last week. If the Terrapins get past UCF, then their next games, against Minnesota and Ohio State, will start getting bigger.

USC at Cal

A cross-division battle of undefeateds in the Pac-12. Is USC the real deal? It can't be confirmed this week, but it can certainly be denied. Cal could set themselves up as the chief threat to Washington with a win here. But I am expecting USC to take the win.

TCU at Oklahoma State

One of these teams will arise as the chief threat to Oklahoma in the Big XII. I expect it will be Oklahoma State.

Rutgers at Nebraska

A battle of 1-2 teams in the Big Ten: one expected, the other not. Both teams need a win to straighten up their season. I'm expecting Nebraska to right that ship.

Oklahoma at Baylor

This looked like a big game in the preseason. Oh well.

Mississippi State at Georgia

After MSU got their big win over LSU, they are suddenly looking pretty good. Georgia, meanwhile, could use a big win to look like a conference player again. I'm going with the Bulldogs to beat the Bulldogs here.

San Diego State at Air Force

San Diego State is suddenly looking pretty good after their win over Stanford. Air Force will challenge them. We will find out more here.

Syracuse at LSU

Is LSU really as bad as they looked against Mississippi State? Syracuse will let us know. My guess is that LSU isn't THAT bad.

Penn State at Iowa

I don't expect Iowa to be able to pull off a win here. But I didn't expect them to get any of their other recent wins over Penn State, and there have been quite a few of them. I wouldn't pick against Penn State, but I wouldn't bet on their either.

Notre Dame at Michigan State

Will Michigan State get back to winning again? No idea, but if they are going to do it, they need to do it this weekend.

Washington at Colorado

One thing I noticed last season was that Colorado was a lot better at home than they were on the road. I'm guessing altitude has a lot to do with that: it's hard work to run a lot in thin air. Washington will not have an easy time of it.

UCLA at Stanford

But both teams were staggered by some very hard shots to the jaw last weekend. The expectations for both teams have been adjusted lower. Both teams need a win here to keep their expectations even at this lower level. I expect UCLA to win here, but we will need this game to clear up our pecking order.


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