College Football Research


Week 5 Recap

by Big Al

Not sure that we have an idea of who is a legitimate player in the national scene, but we sure as heck figured out a few teams that ain't.

Washington State 30 - USC 27

This wasn't too much of a surprise. USC has been good this year, and they are going to go to a good bowl. But they haven't been an terror to the teams they've played. They've been good. And that's about it. Going on the road on a Friday to play a team that can put up point by the bushel... well, that's not a good recipe for a team that's good, but will always have a big circle around it after the schedule comes out.

Kudos to USC's defense for keeping Washington State to 30, though. I know it seems like damning them with faint praise, but considering how Washington State can score points, that's actually a pretty good accomplishment.

Troy 24 - LSU 21

And just like that, we can pretty well ignore LSU. I've never made a secret of the fact that I am not impressed by Ed Orgeron and I cannot figure out how he keeps getting head coaching jobs. This one is pretty hard to recover from, though.

Auburn 49 - Mississippi State 10

And just like that, we can pretty well ignore Mississippi State. Especially since that win over LSU isn't looking so impressive now.

Georgia 41 - Tennessee 0

Soooo... who do you think Tennessee is going to hire for next year?

Penn State 45 - Indiana 14

I was interested to see how this game was going to turn out, as I saw what Indiana did to Ohio State for a half. Penn State is definitely the team to beat in the Big Ten East.

Oklahoma State 41 - Texas Tech 31

Oklahoma State isn't out of it yet. They have a lot of work to do, and they need a few things to break their way, but the conference is at least still a possibility.

Clemson 31 - Virginia Tech 17

I thought Clemson would struggle early. Nope. They were clearly the better team for all 60 minutes. They are not going anywhere.


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