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Week 5 Preview

by Big Al

Well, it's been an eventful first few weeks of the season, thanks to a lot of very good games in the early part of the season. This weekend doesn't have any top-5 matchups, but as we get into conference play in earnest, we will get different kinds of big matchups. And we have some this weekend.

USC at Washington State

USC goes on the road on a Friday night for their biggest game so far this year. By all rights, the Texas game should have been the biggest game... but it wasn't.

Washington State is going to get their points. You can be pretty sure of that. USC is USC and has plenty of talent to keep up with their northern conference-mates. But I don't see a USC team that is putting up points like they should. I'm going with Washington State to pull off the upset on Friday.

Georgia at Tennessee

This is likely the last stand of Butch Jones. If Tennessee can pull off the upset here, then that buys him another set of downs. But it's 4th and 10 and he needs to go for it. Without a splashy win, he's pretty well done. Butch Jones will coach again next weekend, but I think Tennessee starts discussing other coaches starting on Sunday.

Mississippi State at Auburn

After Mississippi State knocked around LSU, there was some excitement about them. Then when they got knocked around by Georgia, it took it away all over again. Auburn does away with the last of the excitement.

Clemson at Virginia Tech

Clearly the biggest matchup of the weekend, this one should be good. With Florida State sitting at 0-2, they are not (as of now) looking like a threat to disrupt Clemson's ACC party. Miami is still sitting out there, and we will find out about them later in the year. But with Clemson going on the road against a ranked team, at night, in the deafeningly raucous Lane Stadium, we've got ourselves an interesting game. I'm expecting Clemson to win, simply because they have a great defense and their offense has been figuring things out pretty well. But expect a tough start for Clemson's offense as they get used to the environment. But Clemson's defense is more than good enough to keep them in the game while their offense gets their feet wet.


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