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Week 6 Recap

by Big Al

It was supposed to be a quiet week. Then October happened.

Iowa State 38 - Oklahoma 31

Ummmmm... huh?

I kept seeing this score come up while I was watching other games, and didn't think much of it. I figured Oklahoma would eventually put it together and take care of business. My first real inkling that something was going on was when I saw the final score. Seriously, this was so incomprehensible, I didn't take it seriously until it was actually over.

Otherwise, the Big XII is not about to get crazy, because it is already there.

Michigan State 14 - Michigan 10

I don't know what to take from this game. The game was played in a driving rainstorm and Michigan was playing with their second-string quarterback. And even when he made good throws, the receivers would drop the ball... which tends to happen when the ball is sloppy wet. But Michigan State shut down Michigan's offense pretty well, and managed to get enough down on offense to get the win. But Michigan was pretty darn good on defense, so they are far from being out of contention for anything. Especially not with games against Penn State and Ohio State still to be played.

Ohio State 62 - Maryland 14

Did I really say Maryland was looking ready to knock off a team they shouldn't? Never mind.

Wisconsin 38 - Nebraska 17

Nebraska give it a go, but is clearly not at Wisconsin's level. Where have all the blackshirts gone?

Miami 24 - Florida State 20

Anybody who watched this game knows how exhausting it was. I was emotionally spent by this game and I wasn't rooting for either team. The result itself wasn't surprising, but Florida State was far more competitive than we had a reasonable right to expect. Unfortunately, I don't think Florida State can really take anything away from the game; this was pretty much their bag of bullets and now they are all shot.

NC State 39 - Louisville 25

Louisville needs a second player on offense. And a defense.

LSU 17 - Florida 16

Rumors of the demise of LSU football have been exaggerated. Not greatly exaggerated, but exaggerated nonetheless.


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