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Week 7 Preview

by Big Al

Well, now that everything has been turned topsy-turvy, we get to take this weekend to see where teams are at now that we are right around the midpoint of the season.

Texas State at UL-Lafayette

Thanks to the Georgia Tech-Miami game being postponed to Saturday, this is the only game on Thursday night. Sounds like I'm getting to bed early.

TCU at Kansas State

I'll grant that Kansas State isn't exactly Oklahoma, but now that TCU is the team to beat in the Big XII, they had better watch for swelling of the head. Kansas State isn't going to roll over for them. TCU will win... or at least they should... but this game will be a good litmus test for them.

Texas Tech at West Virginia

After last week's battle against TCU, West Virginia trudges back home for a matchup against a ranked Texas Tech team. Look for West Virginia to take it out on the Red Raiders.

Florida State at Duke

Not quite the matchup of a 1-3 and 4-2 team one might have expected from this game, but there we are. I am picking Florida State here, but after the emotional letdown against Miami last week, I wouldn't put it past Duke to pull off the upset here.

South Carolina at Tennessee

I'm officially on Butch Jones (I originally wrote Davis... oops) countdown. I think we won't hear anything until close to the end of the season — maybe the during the week before the last game — but a loss here could advance that timetable. Either way, there's just no meat on this bone. But I'll go with Tennessee to keep the illusion going for another week.

Purdue at Wisconsin

Purdue has been making a splash, but they need a signature win if they are going to take a step forward. Don't expect it this week.

Auburn at LSU

Had I been in Vegas last Saturday morning, I would have put $200 on Florida to cover the spread, which I hear was only 1.5 points for Florida. Shows how much I know. And it shows that it's a good thing I don't go to Vegas.

Do I expect Auburn to win? Darn tootin'. But even make-believe bets have shown me what a dumb idea it is to bet on things like this.

Ohio State at Nebraska

Sadly, this may be the second biggest game of the weekend. And it's only on name recognition. I'm picking Ohio State because they are better than Nebraska at every position except maybe kicker. But I will be interested to see what Ohio State does against the first team they are playing since the Oklahoma game that actually has a pulse.

Texas A&M at Florida

Sadly, this may be the most closely fought game of the weekend. Both teams are coming off of surprisingly close losses last weekend: Texas A&M because they kept it surprisingly close with Alabama; and Florida because it was not only close, but they also lost to LSU. Which of these underwhelming teams can underwhelm the most? Lord almighty, who cares.

Oklahoma vs. Texas

At the end of last season, I never made a prediction for the national championship game between Clemson and Alabama. Why not? Because I knew whichever team I picked would lose. I kept going back and forth between the teams, but could never come up with a pick that made sense. It always just kept coming back to my knowing my pick would invariably be wrong. Sometimes you just know things.

Which brings me to the Red River Rivalry, which has always been a bugaboo for me. I picked it right last season, but I think that was the first time ever. And now we have a Texas team that is perhaps undertalented, but hard-working playing against an Oklahoma team that has, since their big win at Ohio State, looked pretty pedestrian. Rivalry games are always dicey (ask Michigan about that one), but this one has proven overwhelmingly difficult for me.

I was actually all set to pick Texas in the upset, but I backed off even as I was writing it. Texas may fight hard, but I don't like the talent gap. I'll pick Oklahoma to win. Sorry Oklahoma.


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