College Football Research


Week 9 Preview

by Big Al

Things are getting interesting this weekend, with another top-10 matchup and a lot of ranked teams playing each other besides. It's gonna be sweet.

Oklahoma State at West Virginia

West Virginia's last chance to get back into the conference race. I think they do it at home.

Minnesota at Iowa

Floyd of Rosedale! Anyway, I have no idea who's going to win. Oh heck, let's just say Iowa.

Tennessee at Kentucky

This used to be for the Bourbon Barrel, then some football player for one of these schools got into a drunk-driving accident and killed a couple of people. The trophy seemed rather tasteless after that. It also used to be the season-ending rivalry game for both teams, but that's no longer the case either. Tennessee now plays Vanderbilt, which is actually a step down in competition (traditionally speaking). Kentucky, meanwhile, finishes the season with Louisville, which has been an upgrade in competition (as of the last few years). Anyway, I keep picking Tennessee, and they keep losing. So I'll go with Kentucky and see if that works any better.

Georgia vs. Florida

This used to be called the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, until that also became politically distasteful. It will also be distasteful what Florida fans will be saying about Jim McElwain after this game.

Cal at Colorado.

Now that it is politically smiled upon, they should start calling this the World's Largest Outdoor Weed Party. I know there are better terms for that, but I'm in a rush and I want something obvious. Anyway, I'll just pick Colorado and move on.

TCU at Iowa State

Who would have thought this would be a big game? Not me. Not anybody else prior to ISU beating Oklahoma. Anyway, expect TCU to keep Iowa State on the outside of the conference race.

NC State at Notre Dame

Also in the surprising column is this game between two teams that are still just on the outside of the national race, but climbing quickly. Whichever team wins this game will get even farther into it. Expect that to be Notre Dame.

Penn State at Ohio State

Rumor has it that Ohio State is favored in this game. A team that got annihilated by the only good team they played so far this season is favored over a team that annihilated the only good team they played so far this season. I appreciate that Ohio State is at home and has looked good in the last few games, but Penn State plays defense and Ohio State is the only decent team Oklahoma played that couldn't score on their defense. Penn State wins.


Bowl Preview 1

Bowl games! You know, those games where teams get to go play a sport for fun. Doesn't really fit in with the modern sensibilities, I know. Anyway, here's the first batch of games.

Week 14 Recap

A fundamentally boring week of conference championships. Explain that to me.

Week 14 Preview

Championship weekend. I'm still not a fan: too many opportunities for teams to drop games that can mess up their seasons.

Week 13 Recap

Rivarly week didn't provide too many surprises, but there were enough that's the week is worth talking about.

Week 13 Preview

It's rivalry week! But it's an amazingly uninteresting rivalry week. I seriously can't believe how uninteresting this weekend is. It's rivalry week, and the games aren't interesting. What the heck?

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One interesting result, and a whole lot of nothing happened.