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Week 10 Recap

by Big Al

I wouldn't call this weekend an upending kind of weekend, but it was a pretty effective one for cleaning up a few outstanding items.

Alabama 29 - LSU 0

Nobody saw this coming, except for absolutely everybody, so this is not even really interesting as a result. If someone is going to beat Alabama this year, it is going to need to be someone who is so far out of left field that Alabama never saw it coming. It will also be someone who creates matchup problems for Alabama, but I can't think of anyone like that.

There are other ways, but I will not discuss those at present.

Michigan 42 - Penn State 0

... except maybe Michigan. Michigan has a defense that can just abuse the team across from them. Defense wins championships and Michigan's is the best in the country. They dictate the game to the opposing offense. Not too many modern defenses that can do that. And with this result, you can pretty well pencil them into the B1G championship game.

Ohio State 36 - Nebraska 31

... especially when Ohio State is the second-best team in the B1G East. I have no idea how this team has won 8 games, because it was only a few dropped passes away from losing this game. And I can't think of an Ohio State defense that has ever looked this confused. I mean, seriously, never in the last 30 years.

Georgia 34 - Kentucky 17

There are some people who actually picked Kentucky in this game. I can't imagine why. I considered Georgia an even bigger lock than Alabama, and I couldn't see how Alabama would lose. Kentucky has made some great leaps forward, but they have a long way to go before they are playing Georgia on a level field.

Notre Dame 31 - Northwestern 21

This game actually pinged on my radar as a real trap. But the Irish took care of that problem with a little stress, but not as much as I might have thought. They are cruising right now, and we can pretty well pencil them into the playoffs.

Missouri 38 - Florida 17

This one also pinged on my radar, because Missouri always plays Florida well. My radar is prone to false positives, however, so I figured I would ignore it and see what happens.

West Virginia 42 - Texas 41

This was the biggest statement made by any team all weekend. West Virginia went into Austin and pulled out a win over a pretty darned good Texas team. And they did it in spectacular fashion with a late touchdown and two-point conversion. Not the way I would play it, but I think Dana Holgorsen didn't want to drag it out. Especially against a run-heavy team like Texas. There are times to just go for the win, and this was one. But to execute it successfully even after Texas got a timeout in prior to the snap on the two-point conversion, that shows me a team that has some serious stones. Great job, West Virginia!

Arizona State 38 - Utah 20

I was all set to complain about Utah's inability to make any sense from week to week, then I found out about Tyler Huntley's broken collarbone and I figured now is not the time. Stinks for Huntley and Utah, and it makes things a heck of a lot more confusing in an already confusing Pac-12. Which is really kind of the fun part about the Pac-12.

Purdue 38 - Iowa 36

I'd try to make sense out of the B1G West, but I got nothin'. I'd also try to make sense out of the fact that Purdue is 3-1 against ranked teams this season, but I got nothin' there too. Gonna be quite the race to the finish for the chance to play Michigan.

Auburn 28 - Texas A&M 24

I was wondering how a 5-3 Texas A&M team is still ranked. I guess we will be taking care of that issue.

Duke 20 - Miami 12

What the ____ is going on in Miami? I mean, seriously?

Washington 27 - Stanford 23

Washington is not dead yet. Stanford, we will send flowers.


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