College Football Research


Week 10 Preview

by Big Al

November is for contenders. That's a good way to think about this weekend's games. But there are still so many teams contending for the playoffs that it's hard to see them clearly. We'll take a look at those later when the picture is clearer.

And by the way, I did not know that they started the Tuesday and Wednesday games. Best time of year: football on every night. And I have been missing it.

Alabama at LSU

I have said several times that I will be picking Alabama in every game this year. Nothing here gives me any reason to change that.

I suppose I should say more than that. Well, LSU's defense will keep them in the game. But LSU's offense doesn't have the firepower to create any separation even if LSU's defense manages to keep Alabama's offense under wraps. Alabama's defense is as good or better than LSU's and their offense has a ridiculous amount of firepower.

So, as stated earlier, Alabama all the way.

Georgia at Kentucky

As interesting as a Kentucky win would make things in the SEC East, it ain't gonna happen. Georgia wins.

Penn State at Michigan

Michigan is suddenly looking pretty darned good. Their offense is humming along, and their defense is just phenomenal. Penn State, meanwhile, almost beat Ohio State, which is not all that impressive an accomplishment anymore. Michigan wins.

West Virginia at Texas

While Texas lost last weekend, I was actually very impressed with them. They have enough to take care of West Virginia.

Nebraska at Ohio State

Nebraska is starting to figure things out. Ohio State is starting to figure out they are not a good football team. Nebraska pulls off the upset of the weekend.

Stanford at Washington

Hang on a second, neither of these teams is ranked? What in the holy heck? I appreciate both teams have had a rough time of it as of late, but these are still two pretty good teams. The Pac-12 is definitely the most entertaining conference this year. USCs struggles have a lot to do with that: the top dog is missing, so the rest of the pack is battling like mad while the opportunity is open. Anyway, I'll go with Stanford in the hope that I finally pick them successfully.


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