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Week 11 Recap

by Big Al

It was a week of pretty much nothing interesting happening. Oh well. I think we all know how this is going to turn out, so who cares?

Wake Forest 27 - NC State 23

An actual upset! Not a shocking one, but an upset nonetheless. Nice to know there still are some of those out there.

Alabama 24 - Mississippi State 0


Clemson 27 - Boston College 7


Georgia 27 - Auburn 10


Oklahoma 48 - Oklahoma State 47

This almost upended the pecking order of the teams that are going to be on the outside looking in when the playoff teams are announced. But it wasn't. Still, heck of a fight by Oklahoma State. And they made the right call going for 2 at the end of the game. Don't drag it out: when you have a chance to win over a team that is, technically, better than you, just take it. Dragging it out would have done them no good.

Washington State 31 - Colorado 7

I admit, I thought Colorado would pull off the upset. But no. Not even close, actually. Washington State may just be the real deal.

Ohio State 26 - Michigan State 6

This is the best Ohio State has looked all year. That may make The Game slightly more interesting. Or at least the leadup to it.

Tennessee 24 - Kentucky 7

Part of me wonders if Kentucky is sliding back to its natural level. Another part thinks that they just got the heck beaten out of them over four quarters by Georgia last weekend and are still recovering. Probably the latter. But Tennessee needed a win in what I am told is a rivalry.

Texas 41 - Texas Tech 34

Texas is still alive. Limping, but alive.

Northwestern 14 - Iowa 10

I confess, I am pretty flabbergasted that a 6-4 team can wrap up a division crown by mid-November. Not as silly as Georgia and Alabama wrapping them up in the first week of November, but whatever. Either way, I don't think anybody should sleep on Northwestern. Their only B1G loss was against Michigan. Admittedly, they also lost to Akron and Duke, so I don't think they want Bama.

Georgia Tech 27 - Miami 21

When I was a boy, my family would go down to Florida every year around Christmas. I have a lot of fond memories of those trips. One of my favorite was the Orange Bowl halftime show, which was always quite a spectacle (for the time). And back when I was a very young boy, I could not stay awake to watch the ball drop on New Years Eve and I would always fall asleep on the fold-out couch with the second half of a Orange Bowl on.

Miami figured heavily into those Orange Bowls and, with them being a Florida school, I did rather like them. They had those cool uniforms with the U on the side, and that amazing pro-style passing attack that nobody else in college football could even think about performing. They were new and exciting and a heck of a lot of fun to watch.

Then they turned into a bunch of loud-mouthed, cocky douchebags and the bloom came right off that rose. And they could back up all that trash-talk, which really only made it that much harder to stomach. They would knock you into a pile of dung, then they would rub your nose in it. Those teams teams were amazing. But they aren't missed.

Well, with Miami fading back into a good, but unremarkable second-tier power in the college football landscape, as well as my own advancing age, I do recall those days of the Miami of yore and it does give me something of a soft spot for them. I'm never going to love them, but I can have fond memories of the time when it was new and exciting in Coral Gables.

So, with that said, what the $#@& Miami?


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