College Football Research


Week 11 Preview

by Big Al

Things are starting to solidify and the CFP rankings are, by now, pretty well set, barring a major upset. And goodness, I don't see one happening this year. Which, of course, means that we'll get a whole bunch of them in the next few weeks.

In other news, there are four games matching up ranked teams, and only one of them is interesting. So let's kick off with those.

Mississippi State at Alabama


Auburn at Georgia


Clemson at Boston College


Ohio State at Michigan State

Michigan State still plays excellent defense, particularly against the running game. Ohio State has a very good offense, but a terrible running game. Michigan State has a mediocre offense. Ohio State makes everyone's offense look like the New England Patriots. Michigan State pulls off the upset that everyone can see coming.

Wisconsin at Penn State

After last week's debacle, I'm not sure how much Penn State has in the tank. But it should be enough to get back into contention for a New Year's Day bowl.

Oklahoma State at Oklahoma

This game is pinging on my radar. But my radar is dumb. Oklahoma all the way.

Washington State at Colorado

The problem Washington State is facing here is that they are playing a game that requires tons of running in a location that is perfectly designed to make sure that they cannot do that effectively for an entire game. Colorado pulls off the upset.

Florida State at Notre Dame

I saw a headline asking how Ian Book missing this game will affect Notre Dame's chances in the game. Answer: not nearly enough to matter. Notre Dame.


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