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Week 11 Recap

by Big Al

It was the sort of weekend when commentators talk about things that almost happened, but didn't. A lot of things didn't happen this weekend, so let's talk about them.

Oklahoma State 45 - West Virginia 41

One interesting thing happened this weekend... unfortunately for West Virginia. This loss does not affect the Mountaineers all that much, since they now need to beat Oklahoma to get to the Big 12 championship game so that they can play Texas again, in all likelihood. If they had won this game, they would have needed to beat Oklahoma to get to the Big 12 championship game where they would need to play Texas again, in all likelihood. They were never going to be in the playoff conversation. One-loss West Virginia does not get in as long as there are other viable options. That's true this year and every other year. That includes an undefeated UCF.

Either way, that was one heck of a game. And Will Grier gave them a chance to win late: that's what you need in a game where your defense is doing nothing right. But great job by Oklahoma State to pull out the win against a top-10 team.

Alabama 50 - The Citadel 17

The game was tied at halftime! So the ____ what?! Seriously, The Citadel was not going to win this game, and Alabama was trying to make the game short, injury free, and very basic as they prepare for the SEC championship game.

Notre Dame 36 - Syracuse 3

Notre Dame, meanwhile, just guaranteed their spot in the CFP. They are in. Yes, even if USC beats them.

Michigan 31 - Indiana 20

This game was supposedly close. But it was never in doubt. Indiana put up a serious fight, but they were never going to win this game.

Oklahoma 55 - Kansas 40

I love Kyler Murray and I love Oklahoma's offense, but their defense is embarassing to watch. Ugh.

Ohio State 52 - Maryland 51

And yet Oklahoma's defense is the Steel Curtain compared to Ohio State. I've been watching Ohio State consistently for almost 30 years and I have never seen an Ohio State defense anywhere close to this bad. Nor have I ever seen linebacker play close to this bad. Great job by Maryland to take advantage of Ohio State's weaknesses, but they fell short all the same. And that's because Dwayne Haskins is also easily the best passer I have ever seen at Ohio State.

UCF 38 - Cincinnati 13

Cincinnati put up a fight early, but the disastrous kicking game probably took some of the wind out of their sails. But that would have just put off the inevitable. UCF is very good and deserves more respect. It would be nice if the college football playoff committee would give them some.

Penn State 20 - Rutgers 7

I hate to complain in a convincing win, but I don't know what's going on with Penn State. They should have annihilated Rutgers, but instead they just won by 13. I think they miss Saquon Barkley. Honestly, who wouldn't? But I was expecting more from Trace McSorley. Of course, losing your best receivers along with possibly the best running back ever to put on the unadorned blue and white puts stress on him. Funny thing about it is that he is a better quarterback now than he was when he won the Big Ten two years ago. I think he just needs to do too much on his own. One guy can't be the whole offense.

Texas 24 - Iowa State 10

Texas keeps sitting on the verge. They are almost there. But they can't stay on the verge forever. They need a breakthrough season next year.

Florida State 22 - Boston College 21

Despite my expectations, Florida State is on the verge of continuing their bowl streak. They will need to beat Florida to do it, but that's not impossible. They may just make this Willie Taggart thing work. I rather hope they do, I like the guy. But Florida State may need to manage their expectations in the meantime.

Nebraska 9 - Michigan State 6

Nebraska is starting to figure out how to win. Michigan State is starting to figure out why Ohio State fans were so exasperated with Jim Bollman... even when he was winning.

Wisconsin 47 - Purdue 44

When did the Big Ten turn into the Big 12?

UCLA 34 - USC 27

Well, that about wraps it up for the Clay Helton era.


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