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Week 13 Recap

by Big Al

As rivalry weeks go, it turned out pretty much exactly as expected, with a few exceptions. Let's talk about the exceptions.

Ohio State 62 - Michigan 39

On this website, I have made no secret of the fact that I am a pessimistic Ohio State fan. That makes it very hard for me to make impartial picks on Ohio State games. And it sure looked like Michigan was the better team in this game. But, after I made my pick, two things popped into my mind:

If I were an impartial observer, I would say that I will believe Michigan can beat Ohio State when I see Michigan beat Ohio State

If I wanted my team to break through with a win against a team they just can't seem to beat, going on the road is not the way to do it.

Not that I would have changed my pick, but I realize now where I erred in my thinking. Though I should note that Michigan can pretty well count on getting a win over anybody (yes, even Ohio State) anytime they can score 39 points. Seriously, if you had told Michigan and Ohio State that they could have the score they ended up with in The Game, Michigan would have said, "Heck yeah, Go Blue!" and Ohio State would have said, "Hrm, seems like a trick. Can we maybe get a few more?"

Washington 28 - Washington State 15

I loved watching this game. People from California and Florida will never understand that overwhelming joy of playing football in snow. You're slipping, sliding, and sloshing all over the place. You get tackled and you skid for 5 yards. And you have an absolute blast doing it. I know It's different for people playing a serious game rather than just backyard football, but when you're playing in snow, everybody is smiling. Unless it's too cold, then you need to go inside and warm up with some hot chocolate, but that's pretty awesome too.

Anyway, even though both teams are running pass-heavy offenses, Washington State was going to be at a disadvantage with their Air Raid offense. With Washington running more of a pro-style offense, they had more options available. And they made them work. Now it's on to the Pac-12 championship game.

Texas A&M 74 - LSU 72

Again, not really a rivalry. But it was a ridiculously long game. It's actually a good thing both teams are done for the year: there's no way they could recover and be in any sort of shape to play another game next weekend. Playing seven overtimes just beats teams up. And with both defenses darn near unable to stop either side, a win will come down as much to luck as skill. But good job by Texas A&M to be the ones standing at the end.

Miami 24 - Pittsburgh 3

Was this really an upset? Or even a rivalry? Anyway, Miami secured a winning season, and Pitt is still going to the ACC championship game. So hooray for all involved.


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