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Week 13 Preview: Rivalry Week!

by Big Al

Rivalry week has arrived! And it's not really all that exciting. Will upsets happen? I suppose so. Are there any picks that aren't so glaringly obvious that everyone is going to make the same darned picks? Not really, unless you count unranked teams playing in rivalries that aren't going to register on a postal scale, much less the Richter scale. So let's just get this over with.

I wish I could make picks in all the games, but some I just have no idea. And some I'm not even sure they are real rivalries. And I don't want to type until my fingers fall off. It's a lot of games to cover this week even when I pick and choose what to talk about.

Mississippi State at Ole Miss

Mississippi State.

Texas at Kansas

This is in rivaly week? W. T. F? Anyway, Texas.

Nebraska at Iowa

Farmageddon! Anyway, this is actually an interesting game, but it's not really much of a rivalry. Anyway, Nebraska is trending up and Iowa has been treading water. Look for Nebraska in the "upset".

Virginia at Virginia Tech


Oregon at Oregon State


UCF at South Florida


Oklahoma at West Virginia

Oklahoma. Admittedly, there is some intrigue in the fact that the game is at West Virginia, but that's it.

Washington at Washington State

Washington State.

Michigan at Ohio State


Georgia Tech at Georgia


Florida at Florida State


Syracuse at Boston College

Is this a rivalry? Regionally, it makes sense. But I don't think there's a lot of hate between these two schools. Anyway, Syracuse.

Purdue at Indiana

Okay, this one is pretty doubtful. But figuring out which 5-6 team gets to go to a bowl is not going over the limit for first-class mail. Oh hell, how about Indiana?

NC State at North Carolina

NC State.

Auburn at Alabama

Alabama. Unless they decide to rest all their starters for the SEC championship game. In which case, Alabama in a close one.

Maryland at Penn State

Not really a rivalry. But Penn State all the same.

Illinois at Northwestern


Pittsburgh at Miami

Pitt is ranked? Huh. Didn't expect that from a 7-4 team. But I'll take Miami at home.

Arizona State at Arizona

Will Arizona qualify for a bowl? No. Arizona State.

Minnesota at Wisconsin

Wisconsin keeps Minnesota out of the bowl season.

Rutgers at Michigan State

Michigan State used to play Penn State in a season-ending game that was never really a rivalry. But it was a heck of a lot more exciting than the matchups the two teams now finish the year with. Michigan State.

Tennessee at Vanderbilt

Tennessee used to finish the year with Kentucky. And I would always harp on how that's a weak way to end the year. So they traded Kentucky for Vanderbilt? Even worse. Tennessee finally goes bowling again.

South Carolina at Clemson


Kentucky at Louisville

Kentucky at least finishes the year with a team that is an actual rival. But that won't make this year's game interesting. Kentucky.

LSU at Texas A&M

By the time this game rolls around, I may be ready to see highlights of what Michigan did to Ohio State between plays of LSU winning.

Notre Dame at USC

Notre Dame finishes Clay Helton's USC career with a loss.

BYU at Utah


Utah State at Boise State

Hey, both teams are ranked! This is among the biggest games of the weekend! And Boise State will win it.


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