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Week 14 Preview: Championship Week

by Big Al

Championship week came and went, and absolutely nothing particularly interesting happened. Man alive, it's been a boring year.

Washington 10 - Utah 3

I can't believe there was a game where defense was played. Even more, it was in the Pac-12! Not exactly where that conference made its name. But here we are, talking about the defensive prowess of two Pac-12 teams. I confess, it's been so long since I saw a defensive struggle, I didn't really know what I was looking at. But we will be looking at Washington in the Rose Bowl.

Northern Illinois 30 - Buffalo 29

Buffalo made a run at it, but Northern Illinois got='er-done. Nice job, Huskies!

Alabama 35 - Georgia 28

Georgia's biggest win this year is a loss to Alabama. In fact, losing to to Alabama by only 7 has been presented as an argument that they belong in the playoffs. That's stupid. And that really says more about Alabama than it does about Georgia. But it does tell me that Alabama's biggest danger right now is Tua's health and their own complacency.

Oklahoma 39 - Texas 27

Texas gave it a run too. But no dice. It's definitely better than it was for Texas, though.

Ohio State 45 - Northwestern 24

I called for an upset here. Northwestern gave it a run when they came out of the locker room from the half. But Ohio State is really good. And Dwayne Haskins is unbelieveable. Seriously, if you have not had a chance to see that guy play, he's just amazing to watch. You get one more chance in the Rose Bowl.

UCF 56 - Memphis 41

Memphis gave it a run. But UCF is on their way to another national title, so no big deal.

Fresno State 19 - Boise State 16

This was kind of an upset, right? Sure, why not! Go Fresno State in the most surprising result of the weekend!

Appalachian State 30 - Louisiana 19

And more of the expected. That's been a real theme.

UAB 27 - Middle Tennessee 25

UAB makes for a feel-good story with a conference title in their second year of resurrection. Middle Tennessee fans, however, would beg to differ on that sentiment.


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