College Football Research


Week 1 Preview

by Big Al

Is it week 1 already? Wow, time sure does fly.

Though I have often said I'm not a playoff fan, the addition of play-in games has one nice upshot: teams are more willing to schedule good games early in the season. Even in week one, as a matter of fact. Which is what we are about to talk about.

UCF at UConn

Some UConn coach tried to turn this into a rivalry game some time ago. He even had a trophy made. The trophy disappeared into the ether and nobody really noticed or cares until ESPN did a story on its disappearance. Anyway, UCF wins and still nobody cares.

Colorado at Colorado State

The annual start-of-year rivalry in the Mile High State. Is that their nickname? I don't care enough to Google it, especially when I'm late writing this thing. Anyway, Colorado wins, raising hopes in Boulder before the inevitable decline toward reality.

Texas vs. Maryland

Texas is looking to avenge their loss against Maryland last season... heh, heh... oh, that's funny.

There are a lot of ways to get the year started right and, most years, losing to Maryland is far from it. But now Texas had a full year of their new head coach under their giant belt buckles and Maryland is dealing with actual tragedy that makes football seem pretty minor. Texas gets it done.

Washington vs. Auburn

This is a fantastic matchup. It's also a complete mystery, because nobody knows anything about either team. Jason Stidham will be the difference in this game, one way or another. He's the one passer I saw last year that looked like an honest-to-goodness pro quarterback. Lucky for him, the Browns alread picked a quarterback last year.

I so want to pick Washington in this game. But I get the feeling it's not quite their year. Auburn for the win.

Tennessee vs. West Virginia

Another year, another new head coach at Tennessee. This is getting old. But somehow, someway, they will pull off a win against West Virginia.

Michigan at Notre Dame

The two biggest college football bluebloods are starting the year against each other once again. I wish I had more to go on than just preseason conjecture. Anyway, I think Michigan is in better shape than Notre Dame right now, so I'll go with them here.

Alabama vs. Louisville

If Lamar Jackson were still at Louisville, I still wouldn't give them a chance against Alabama. Do I really need to say who I'm picking?

Miami vs. LSU

If Miami is going to get back into national title contention into November, they need to start winning these sorts of games. Miami doesn't have all the swagger back, but they are at least looking you in the eye when they talk. Miami keeps up their recollections of years past with a win here.

Virginia Tech at Florida State

A Virginia Tech defense is not how I would like to break in a new coach and a wonky offensive line. Virginia Tech for the win.


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