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Week 2 Recap

by Big Al

Not exactly a titanic clash of teams this past weekend, but it had its enticements. And we had a few interesting results as well. And it would have been nice if my hosting site had allowed me to actually get into my site to add stuff. C'est la vie.

Kentucky 27 - Florida 16

I literally thought I would never see this happen. Ever. I saw Kentucky was up in the second half, and I thought it was no biggie: Florida will start humming at some point and pull it out like they have the last few years. Not this year. Kentucky not only won, they were clearly better than Florida. I don't know what's going on with the Gators, but they'd better figure out something soon. And I don't know what's going on with Kentucky, but kudos to them!

Arizona State 16 - Michigan State 13

I had been impressed with Brian Lewerke and his ability to recover from bad situations. However, he and his offense seem to get into those bad situations way too often. Arizona State made them pay. Still not sure what we should make of this for either team, but this was at least some good news for Arizona State.

Clemson 28 - Texas A&M 26

I was hoping that pylon cam would provide a clear idea of whether the ball went out through the end zone or before the end zone. But it looked like that thing went straight over the pylon. I seem to remember its trajectory was pretty much a straight line toward and over that sucker. Which, I believe, means that it went out in the end zone rather than before it. That right there is as good a reason as any to remind players of the importance of ball security. The most important thing you do with the ball as an offensive player is to keep the ball. Mission failed.

None of which makes this anything other than a disappointing game for both teams. Clemson was looking for a convincing road win. Texas A&M was looking for an upset. Both teams are looking for answers. But Clemson survived in a tough environment in a game that wasn't going according to plan. They just needed to win and the did that. Now they can move on.

Georgia 41 - South Carolina 17

Absolutely no surprise there. I seriously doubt South Carolina will end the year ranked. Georgia is going to end the year in the top 10 at least. Pretty well according to script here.

Stanford 17 - USC 3

Stanford got a win over a talented team, but Bryce Love got injured. By the way, this is why running backs should leave early when the have the chance. It's a grinding position, take the dough while it's on the table.

Eastern Michigan 20 - Purdue 19

That's the sort of loss you expect from an undisciplined team. Not a good sign for Purdue. But Eastern Michigan did what they needed to do, so good job to them!

South Florida 49 - Georgia Tech 38

At least there's some team in Florida that looks like they know what they're doing. Okay, Central Florida too.

Colorado 33 - Nebraska 28

I was flipping between this game and the Ohio State-Rutgers game. Only the fact I am an Ohio State fan kept that other game on.

Okay, Nebraska just looked bad for the first quarter. I'm not actually surprised by that: they had not played a down of football so far this year and Colorado had already gotten a game under their belts. You need at least one game to work out the kinks.

A funny thing happened on the way to the massacre: Nebraska suddenly figured out that they are still Nebraska. They actually showed flashes of the badasses they had been twenty years ago. And they were not done. Not even close.

However, they lost focus late in the game and let opportunities slip away. A dropped touchdown pass. Converting the other team's 3rd and 24 on a dumb penalty. They need to be better than that.

Meanwhile, Colorado held it together and found a way to win in a tough environment. They'll need to do that a lot more if they want to go somewhere this season, but it's a great way to start.

Iowa 13 - Iowa State 3

I completely forgot to make a pick in this game. Either way, congratulations to Iowa for a big win against their big rival!

Florida State 36 - Samford 26

Okay, it's officially time to start worrying. Florida State should have been able to put away Samford early just on raw talent alone. Instead, they needed to come from behind in the fourth quarter to get a moderately-sized win against an FCS school. That's just bad preparation. I don't know what the problem is, but they'd better start figuring it out soon. It doesn't get any easier going forward.

Kansas 31 - Central Michigan 7

Hey, Kansas got a win on the road! How pathetic that we're celebrating that!

Seriously, it is. Sorry to point that out, but it's a fact.


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