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Week 2 Preview

by Big Al

The year is off and running! And we had a whole lot of great games to look forward to! Just not this week.


This used to be a significant rivalry. Not these days. TCU wins on Friday and really focuses on the Ohio State-Rutgers game on Saturday.

USC at Stanford

This is a battle of ranked teams, so I'm not complaining here. But most of the interesting games this weekend are between unranked teams. Hard to get charged up for that.

This, however, is a very intriguing game, as usual. Bryce Love is back for another go-round at Stanford and USC quarterback JT Daniel is kicking off his college career in style as a starting freshman.

At this point in the season, we know so little about either team that you're really just guessing when you are picking between two seemingly evenly-matched teams. So just pick Stanford and move on.

Mississippi State at Kansas State

Kansas State didn't exactly come out of the gate roaring. Instead, they squeaked out a win over South Dakota. Not the way to get ready for a game against an SEC West team. Mississippi State wins.

Arizona at Houston

Not on the national radar, but this is a very interesting matchup between unranked teams that could help one team jump into the rankings. Look for Houston to do that.

Georgia Tech at South Florida

South Florida can't quite keep themselves in peoples' minds. But with a win here, they will announce that they are not going anywhere quietly. South Florida will make an announcement around 3:30 EDT.

Holy Cross at Boston College

A reunion of the greatest national-championship losing game by any team in college football history. Look up Boston College vs. Holy Cross 1942 and you'd find out why. Anyway, Boston College wins.

UCLA at Oklahoma

If UCLA is looking to return to prominence this year, losing a home game to Cincinnati in week 1 is not the way to go about it. Oklahoma reminds them they have a long way to go.

Georgia vs. South Carolina

South Carolina is ranked, but I don't expect that to last too long. Georgia explains why.

Clemson at Texas A&M

Clemson is going to win. But we'll see if Texas A&M can at least keep it close. I'm guessing they won't.

Kentucky at Florida

I'm interested in this game just to see if Kentucky can drive Florida nuts for four quarters. They've done that a lot lately. But they still won't break through that wall.

Penn State at Pitt

Another used-to-be big game. Still not. Penn State explains why. Again.

California at BYU

Another good game that doesn't actually feature two ranked opponents. Little idea about either team. I'll pick BYU just because I like Mormons.

Michigan State at Arizona State

Michigan State didn't exactly impress last week against Utah State, so I'm tempted to pick Arizona State here. But every time I have picked Arizona State in the last 4-6 years, they have lost. Who am I to go against history? Michigan State to win.


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