College Football Research


Week 2 Preview

by Big Al

It's a little better weekend than last week, with a few matchups between ranked teams. Meanwhile, in actual, important news, a hurricane is bearing down on the Carolinas and Virginia. Here's hoping that it's minor enough and everyone stays safe enough that they can regret the cancellation of some college football games this weekend.

Ohio State vs. TCU

Okay, I'd be stupid not to pick Ohio State here. They are the obvious pick. But it will be very interesting to see how this game plays out. Both teams are playing easily the best team they have played all year. Certainly they are the best defenses each has faced, and may very well be the best defense both teams play all year.

As I said, I expect Ohio State to win. But both teams are good enough to make the other side make mistakes. Let's see how both teams react when they happen.

Oklahoma at Iowa State

Last year, Iowa State made hay knocking off top teams in big upsets. Like, for instance, Oklahoma! Do I expect Oklahoma to win? Absolutely. But this game is worth watching to see what sort of Iowa State team we have this year.

Florida State at Syracuse

Seems like a team from Florida would be The Orange. But they're not. Anyway, Syracuse may be the Orange, but Florida State is the one getting turned into pulp.

Georgia Tech at Pittsburgh

Nice little ACC battle here between two middle-of-the-road teams. I'm looking for Georgia Tech to get the win here, since they at least kept it close against the better team they played last weekend.

LSU at Auburn

It's time to sort out the pecking order for teams 2-7 in the SEC West. LSU is still breaking in a new quarterback who just joined the team this summer. Auburn is keeping the train rolling after an appearance in the conference championship game last year. Auburn wins.

Boise State at Oklahoma State

Boise State isn't quite on the national radar like they were a few years ago, but they just keep hanging around. Look for them to get back into the national talk after a win here.

Houston at Texas Tech

Texas Tech can't quite get over the hump and get into national relevance. Houston kicks them back to the second tier.

Alabama at Ole Miss

Alabama like always.

USC at Texas

Tom Herman better start figuring some things out soon here, because opening the season with a loss is not going to fly at Texas. Meanwhile, USC dropped a dud against Stanford last weekend and needs to get back into the win column. Regardless of how JT Daniel plays, USC's defense is more than enough to win this game.

Washington at Utah

The Pac-12 race starts now for Washington. They'll get it started right.

Fresno State at UCLA

Let's see if UCLA can finally get a win. They will.

Miami at Toledo

There are also Hurricanes blowing into Toledo. Something I never thought I would have to write, no matter how it was capitalized. Anyway Miami wins, but you already knew that.


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