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Week 4 Recap

by Big Al

And just like that, we have ourselves a season. The crazy showed up by the bucketload this weekend and we are all better for it. Well, unless we root for a team that was ranked between #13 and #17.

Stanford 38 - Oregon 31 (OT)

I sat down to watch this game Saturday night, saw Stanford run a fumble in for a touchdown and why is it so dark in here and the TV is off?

Answer: I fell asleep. I was tired. Sometimes, there's just nothing you can do. Sounds like a heck of a game though. Oregon absolutely had Stanford flailing with confusion, but turnovers really upended that game plan. Most important thing you do with the ball is hold onto it and Oregon did not do that. Meanwhile, the continued absence of Bryce Love on the field (despite his presence there) just opened things up for the Stanford passing game. K.J. Costello made it happen back there, and he's got some very good receivers to work with. And Stanford's defense stepped up in the second half and figured out whatever it was they weren't doing in the first. Oregon may be on their way back, but Stanford hasn't gone anywhere. Washington, I'm sure, took notice.

USC 39 - Washington State 36

USC got themselves a good win. About time.

Alabama 45 - Texas A&M 23


Oklahoma 28 - Army 21 (OT)

It wasn't pretty, but it got done. I'm not surprised Oklahoma had trouble in this game: the triple option is a heck of a lot of trouble for teams that don't defend it every year, and plenty of trouble even for teams that do. If it's clicking, you're in for a rough time of it. But Oklahoma got it done in the end, so they did everything they needed to do.

Notre Dame 56 - Wake Forest 27

Notre Dame seems to have finally figured out their offense, at least for one game. They have plenty more to do, but at least they had the ability to put a 56-point game together. I guess a quarterback change might be what they needed. We'll find out a heck of a lot more next week.

Old Dominion 49 - Virginia Tech 35

Ummmm, what? Who did what? To whom? What the...?

I confess I did not see this game, but I don't think there's anybody who isn't baffled by this outcome. Virginia Tech may not be a legitimate top-15 team. But Old Dominion has pretty well shown in their first three games that they are not the sort of material to go around showing that. Or at least not up until they did. I'm still so flabbergasted that I really don't know what to say here.

Kentucky 28 - Mississippi State 7

Kentucky, on the other hand, is feeling their oats after finally breaking through against Florida. I had been expecting an SEC East team to make some noise against the West sometime, but I confess that Kentucky is the last one I would have expected. It's not exactly knocking off Alabama, but hey, it's something! I'm not going to put them in the championship game yet, but I'm not going to take Kentucky as lightly as I had been.

Texas Tech 41 - Oklahoma State 17

It seems that Oklahoma State was feeling a little too satisfied with themselves after their win over Boise State. Texas Tech was not quite so impressed and made sure they expressed that point. I get the feeling the Big XII is going to be a heck of a lot of fun for anyone who is not rooting for one of their teams. If you are, well, expect a lot of stress from now through November.

Texas 31 - TCU 16

TCU is going to have some pretty sore rear ends for all the times they will be kicking themselves for losing these games. Had a chance against Ohio State, blew it. Had Texas on the ropes, blew it. They have the talent, but turnovers are wasting that talent.

Meanwhile, Texas is developing a quarterback and finally look like they are a team to be reckoned with. TCU made a lot of mistakes, but Texas took advantage of them. They kept fighting and kept going. I'm not sure how far back they are, but they are definitely coming back. Looking forward to hearing more noise from the Longhorns. Goodness knows you can't keep Texans quiet for long.

By the way, I would like to congratulate UCF, the only team from #13 to #17 who didn't lose this Saturday. I guess it payed to play a Friday game.

Michigan 56 - Nebraska 10

Adrian Martinez did not make the difference. In fact, nothing made the difference. Except that Michigan is a way better football team than Nebraska right now, that made a whole heck of a lot of difference. Gonna be a long season in Lincoln.

Purdue 30 - Boston College 13

Purdue, good job on finally getting a win. BC, it was fun while it lasted.

Florida 47 - Tennessee 21

Okay, this has officially gotten out of control for Tennessee. I don't know what they need to do to fix this, but this is downright pathetic.

South Florida 20 - East Carolina 13

Okay, maybe the Bulls aren't exactly Alabama, but I think it's getting about time to put them into the rankings.


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