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Week 4 Preview

by Big Al

Still waiting for a week as big as week one. It seems like teams now frontload week 1 so that they have a full season to make up the difference. Oh well, it's not like this week is bad, which is something I've said about some weeks in the past.

Washington State at USC

I do love good games on a Friday night. It's nice to be able to have something to stay awake for on one of my nights of being able to sit in front of a fire, tip a few back, and enjoy watching football. Thank you to my television provider for having a phone app!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, this game. Well, I don't have a real good idea on this game. Washington State hasn't really played much of anybody, and USC has played two somebodies and lost to both of them. No matter who wins, this will be the biggest win of someone's season. Oh, let's go with Washington State for the heck of it.

Notre Dame at Wake Forest

Notre Dame played one half of great football to start the season. And that's pretty much been it. They've underwhelmed against every other team they've played, but they've won all the same. This game make me itch. Wake Forest ain't great, but they turned out some decent teams of late. I know I'm going to regret it, but I'll take Wake for the upset.

Nebraska at Michigan

If Nebraska is going to right the ship this season, this game would be the best place to start. A lot of that chance comes down to whether Adrian Martinez is available. I don't know if he would lead Nebraska to victory, but it would make things one whole heck of a lot easier if he was there. I can't shake the feeling there will be an upset of either Michigan or Notre Dame this weekend, and I already picked Wake Forest. So Michigan it is.

Texas A&M at Alabama

There is no reasonably foreseeable circumstance under which I would pick against Alabama anytime this year. None. Do I really need to say who I'm picking?

Clemson at Georgia Tech

Clemson has been winning, but they have not been as overwhelming as they have been in the past. If Georgia Tech wants to get back into the bad graces of Clemson, this looks like a prime opportunity. Maybe next year. Clemson wins.

Kansas State at West Virginia

I'm interested in seeing how this game turns out, but I'm not picking against West Virginia.

TCU at Texas

This game is very, very interesting. Texas dropped their opener against Maryland, then knocked the snot out of USC. TCU, meanwhile, has to be kicking themselves over all the missed opportunities and mistakes they made against Ohio State. Seriously, if I were a TCU fan, I would be pissed, pissed, pissed about losing that game.

From what I could tell, it looked like Texas was taking advantage of USC mistakes last weekend in the same way Ohio State was taking advantage of TCU mistakes. If TCU can eliminate the mistakes, they will be just fine in this game. They may not eliminate all of them, but they'll skip enough to get the win here.

Florida at Tennessee

It's so weird to see this game between two unranked teams. Tennessee is a certified blueblood of college football and Florida is, if not royalty, at least a member of the upper nobility. I can't figure out how these two teams are having so much trouble. I really don't know who to pick here, because both teams are pretty good at finding ways to lose. I'll go with Tennessee to have less skill at that ability.

Stanford at Oregon

Bryce Love is back for Stanford. Oregon is still Oregon, even if they are not as scary as Oregon of 4-5 years ago. I'll go with Stanford to grind out a boring, but satisfying win.

Wisconsin at Iowa

Iowa plays well at home. Wisconsin is coming off the most baffling loss of the year so far. Wisconsin rebounds all the same.

Arizona State at Washington

Will Arizona State get back on track? Not against Washington.


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