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Week 5 Recap

by Big Al

Holy cow, we had some wild ones this weekend. Let's take a look.

Ohio State 27 - Penn State 26

I think more than enough has been said about the final play of the game. But I'll throw in one comment: I think Penn State outthought themselves there.

And I'll add one more thought: we might need to start calling this game the Alka-Seltzer Special. Because my stomach was in an absolute knot for the last 2 hours.

Overall, it was a pretty sloppy game. Too many dropped passes, missed tackles, and poor throws. I confess I though both teams left a lot to be desired here. But, once again, Ohio State showed a lot of resilience to come through that game with a win after being down by 12 in the fourth quarter on the road. They made some fantastic halftime adjustments and really changed the game. Penn State, meanwhile, can't quite get over that Buckeye hump.

Notre Dame 38 - Stanford 17

This game was a real surprise, not so much for the outcome as much as how Notre Dame dominated it. Nobody saw that coming. The Irish seem to have figured out something on offense. Their schedule is looking pretty manageable from here on, so they are looking good for the playoffs. But it's a long season, don't count any chickens yet.

Clemson 27 - Syracuse 23

No, it did not happen the way Clemson would have liked. But it happened, and Clemson got a win. Every team has at least one off game. If that was Clemson's, then they did everything they needed to do. That's what champions do.

Washington 35 - BYU 7

Meanwhile, Washington ain't quite so dead in the playoff race after all. They need some help, but help will be arriving. It always does.

Michigan 20 - Northwestern 17

Just like Clemson, it looked bad for Michigan. And just like Clemson, Michigan found a way to win. That's what you need to do, that's what they did, now they can move on to October.

Kentucky 24 - South Carolina 10

I know everyone is excited, but let's not get too crazy. It's a long season. Still, how about Kentucky? They really are rolling so far.

Oregon 42 - California 24

Oregon isn't what they were, but they are a heck of a lot closer than they had been. Sooooo....... when do they play Washington?

Florida 13 - Mississippi State 6

Rumors of Florida's demise have been greatly exaggerated. All the same, keep the defibrillator handy: Mississippi State ain't the Green Bay Packers.

Purdue 42 - Nebraska 28

During the financial crisis of 2008 and into 2009, I remember hearing that the economy has hit rock bottom. And I remember thinking, "I think you underestimate just how far down rock bottom is." Hopefully, we don't find out what that is in my lifetime. But I think Nebraska fans could give you some ideas.


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