College Football Research


Week 5 Preview

by Big Al

Things really get going this weekend with two big games. Sadly, they are happening at exactly the same time. Picture-in-picture, here I come!

Ohio State at Penn State

This game will come down to whose defense will finally show up. Because neither team's defense has been exactly overwhelming so far this year. Looks like a Big XII game will be happening in the Big Ten this weekend.

I would be stupid to pick against Ohio State in darn near every game for the rest of their season. So I'm not going to. But I also know that Penn State does not roll over easily at home, so I will not be the least suprised if they pull off the upset. This one won't be boring.

Stanford at Notre Dame

So far this year, Stanford has not really been wowing me. Neither has Notre Dame. Stanford has more than enough defense to keep Notre Dame under control, and their offense really livened up last weekend against Oregon. Come to think of it, so did their defense. But Notre Dame may have found their quarterback last weekend. All the same, I'll go with Stanford to keep it going.

West Virginia at Texas Tech

Texas Tech finally got back into the rankings this week. West Virginia has a long way to go to get to Lubbock. All the same, I'll take West Virginia for the win.

Purdue at Nebraska

Land sakes, I hope last weekend was rock bottom for Nebraska. I'll take Nebraska in the hopes of that.

Florida State at Louisville

But I don't think Florida State has hit rock bottom yet. Louisville brings the backhoe.

BYU at Washington

It's nice to see BYU ranked again. I guess I'd better soak it up while it lasts. It won't, thanks to Washington.

Oregon at California

Oregon is going to be pretty angry after letting last week slip away. Will they use it to their advantage this weekend? I think so.


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