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Week 6 Recap

by Big Al

The season continues, and the upsets go on. Not surprising in general, but every actual event is. All part of the magic.

Texas 48 - Oklahoma 45

Probably the best game of the day, unless you think teams should play defense. Somewhere between this game and the Texas A&M-Kentucky game is a very well-played game.

I don't know if I'm ready for Texas to take on Alabama, but Texas is back. They have been looking for a big win for years, and the finally got it. And it looks like they finally have a quarterback, which has been a real problem since Colt McCoy moved on to... life as an NFL backup.

Oklahoma, meanwhile, played so poorly on defense that they fired their defensive coordinator. Maybe it's an overreaction, but I think it's a necessary statement to be made to the Oklahoma defense: nobody is safe, and you'd better start stepping it up if you want to play.

Florida 27 - LSU 19

This one wasn't too much of a surprise. LSU was an obvious choice, but Florida didn't look nearly as bad for losing to Kentucky as it seemed at the time. So rumors of Florida's demise were greatly exaggerated.

Utah 40 - Stanford 21

Out of all the results here, this one was the biggest surprise to me. Though, I should point out, it should not have been. Stanford was coming off of a very hard-fought game against a Notre Dame team that tends to beat up the team across from them. When a team slams heads with another team for 60 minutes, it wears them down. Playing against top competition takes a lot out of the players. Stanford was, undoubtedly, just beat to heck by that game. Turning around and putting together a full game against a team that demands a lot of concentration and discipline is hard on worn bodies and worn minds. Brains get tired too. I don't doubt Stanford's brains were pretty worn out all week. So upsets happen.

Mississippi State 23 - Auburn 9

It's not as though Mississippi State is a bad team. But they are an afterthought in the SEC West. But you can be a pretty darn good team and be an afterthought in the SEC West. That means they are dangerous. Though Auburn should have been ready all the same: they didn't have a big game the week before, and next week's game against Tennessee is only a big game for name recognition.

I wasn't able to see the game, so I do wonder if MSU presented matchup problems for Auburn. That would explain a lot.

Notre Dame 45 - Virginia Tech 23

No surprise here. Notre Dame is better than Virginia Tech, period.

Texas A&M 20 - Kentucky 14

I don't know if it was the best-played game of the day, I don't know if it was the best game of the day, but it was a heck of a lot of fun. Kentucky really made a run at it. Unfortunately, they are too one-dimensional and they ran into a team whose defense was exactly what was necessary to stop their running attack. I was particularly impressed with their safety (whose name I forget) who kept coming up to stop Wilson whenever he was getting into the open field. Being an Ohio State fan, I haven't seen too many defensive players stop quarterback runs this year. Either way, it always looked like Wilson was about to pick up a first down, then the safety would fly onto the screen and stop him well short. Impressive defensive game.

Northwestern 29 - Michigan State 19

Michigan State hasn't really been wowing anybody this season, while Northwestern hasn't been without its near-misses. Did we expect this result? No, but it wasn't entirely unexpected.

Miami 28 - Florida State 27

Well, they made it interesting, but it turned out exactly as expected. So, really nothing to add here.


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