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Week 7 Preview

by Big Al

How will October surprise us this year? I don't know, but we will be finding out as the month goes on. Prepare to look stupid. Goodness knows I'm going to...

There are a lot of games that could have been big. But with LSU and Michigan State losing last weekend, Washington and Oregon losing earlier this year, and Michigan and Wisconsin having a couple of dud games they have not replicated, some big games aren't quite so big as they could have been. Oh well, now these teams have a chance to get back into the major conversations.

Georgia at LSU

LSU gets a chance at redemption after their self-destruction at Florida last weekend. Admittedly, Florida had their hand in it as well, but LSU was doing themselves no favors in the game. Maybe they'll get it straightened out this year. But I don't see it happening against Georgia. Georgia wins.

Washington at Oregon

This has turned into quite the game. Oregon has been getting some things figured out and Washington is still going strong. Both teams need this game to challenge for the Pac-12 North. Oregon is still behind Stanford, but Washington still controls its destiny. The mere fact that Washington has been so forgotten since their loss to Auburn tells me that they are ready to make some noise. Washington wins.

Michigan State at Penn State

Oh yes, Michigan State was looking ahead weren't they? Oops. Northwestern was not in the mood to be overlooked. But if you're going to beat Penn State, you'd better be able to beat Northwestern on a bad day. Penn State it is.

Wisconsin at Michigan

After their first-quarter debacle against Notre Dame, Michigan has been one heck of a football team. They have been throwing, running, and defending like champions. They haven't been perfect, but nobody not named Alabama has been.

Aside from their their bizarre meltdown against BYU, Wisconsin has been a pretty good football team. They do what Wisconsin does: grind you to paste, pass effectively, and dare you to get in the way, because you ain't going to like getting steamrolled.

Whoever wins this game is going to make a major splash in the rankings and in the Big Ten. If this game were at Wisconsin, I'd probably pick them. But they are at Michigan, so Michigan it is.


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