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Week 8 Recap

by Big Al

There was some remaining cleanup to be done, and it got done this weekend. So let's see where we're at.

Purdue 49 - Ohio State 20

That Ohio State lost is not a surprise. That is came against Purdue is. Purdue is not a particularly good football team, and they weren't even playing particularly well that night. But Ohio State's defense is awful. Aside from a couple of defensive lineman, there is nobody home on the defensive side of the ball. Their offense is pretty good, though that is only because of Dwayne Haskins and an excellent set of receivers. There is no running game at all. So Ohio State is playing exactly the sort of game that it has never played in its history. Which is a little weird to see.

Anyway, Purdue got it done where nobody else did, so good job to them on their biggest win since... oh... I can't even think of when!

Washington State 34 - Oregon 20

Was Oregon under the impression that the game started at 7:30 Pacific time? Because they sure as heck weren't ready when that game started. Good job to them for getting back in it, but it was too little too late. Had they showed up in the first half, it might have turned out different. But they didn't. And now Washington State has the inside track for the Pac-12 championship game. It doesn't get easy for them going forward, but they got one big hurdle out of the way.

Temple 24 - Cincinnati 17

I figured Cincinnati was not going to go undefeated, since they still need to play South Florida and UCF, and Ohio schools do not beat Florida schools. But I was hoping that they would at least get to November with a clean record and set up some big time games in the American Athletic Conference. But Temple figured out what they needed to do and took care of that little issue.

Michigan 21 - Michigan State 7

I think we can pencil Michigan into that B1G conference championship. There's no team left that they aren't clearly better than.

Clemson 41 - NC State 7

Did I really pick NC State in this game? Oops.

At this point, I am done picking against Clemson. Or even picking a Clemson game. There is no game in which they are not overwhelmingly obvious favorites until they get to the playoffs.

LSU 19 - Mississippi State 3

Pretty much exactly as expected. Nothing new to add here.

Florida State 38 - Wake Forest 17

As bad as Florida State was to start the season, they now have a winning record and are showing signs of life. I guess I should not have been so ready to give up on them. Looking at their schedule, it may be their last or second-to-last win of the season, but at least they are showing some signs of life.

Nebraska 53 - Minnesota 28

Scott Frost finally got a win! For as bad as things were going, it's nice to see that something good finally happened there.

Utah 41 - USC 28

Finally, a pick I didn't miss... because I didn't make it. At least not in public. I would have picked USC in this game, and I was looking pretty smart in the first quarter. Then Utah rattled off 34 straight points. At some point, you just have to say, "I'm not good at this." Because I'm not good at this. At all.


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