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Week 9 Recap

by Big Al

Well, it wasn't quite an overhaul, but there was some housecleaning this weekend. The picture is much clearer than it was.

Oklahoma State 38 - Texas 35

I actually had a chance to watch this entire game. I confess I did not think that Oklahoma State would win until they got the final first down that allowed them to hang onto the ball after Texas had used all of their timeouts. Seriously, I just kept waiting for Texas to finally get something to break their way and rip the game out of Oklahoma State's hands. It was like watching a horse race: as soon as the frontrunner was caught by the pack, they were going to do nothing but fall back. But Texas never quite managed to catch up.

Two things were obvious in this game: Texas was clearly the better team, and Taylor Cornelius clearly shouldn't run the ball. But Cornelius kept getting important yards and points. In fact, his ungainliness in running the ball was probably why Texas kept giving up those yards: he shouldn't run, so why bother defending the run? And that's why the better team did not win the game.

Georgia 36 - Florida 17

I thought Florida was on the upswing, but I guess it wasn't that big of an upswing. Georgia, after a hiccup, is getting back to where they were last year. Sadly, they also need to deal with Alabama if they want to get back to where they were last year. But, in the meantime, great job by Georgia to get back on track. As for Florida... they need a LOT of work in the passing game. Ugh.

Washington State 41 - Stanford 38

Blown leads are turning into a major theme in the Pac-12 North. Stanford had Washington State on the ropes, but Washington State managed to slide out of it and get themselves a big win and the inside track in the Pac-12 North.

California 12 - Washington 10

Washington, meanwhile, is fading fast. No idea what's happening to them, but they need to figure something out fast.

Mississippi State 28 - Texas A&M 13

Someone actually had the gall to say that a two-loss Texas A&M team was still in the conversation for the playoffs. For starters, no they weren't. Secondly, this is why the SEC is so much fun: just about any team can upset any other. Except, you know, for Alabama.

Penn State 30 - Iowa 24

After five straight quarters of laying eggs, Penn State finally figured something out. We'll see for how long it lasts.

Arizona 44 - Oregon 15

I fell asleep during this game. Looks like I wasn't the only one.

Northwestern 31 - Wisconsin 17

Houston 57 - South Florida 36

Syracuse 51 - NC State 41

It was a bad week to be a team ranked 18 or below. Every single one of them lost.

On another note, the American Athletic Conference is really screwing over UCF here. UCF needs some signature wins, but Cincinnati last last week and South Florida lost this week. Makes it hard to wow anybody when nobody can stay ranked.


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