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A Few Comments on the Playoffs

by Big Al

For the first time in the history of the playoffs, there are four teams that clearly belong in the playoffs. No arguments, no weighing of resumes. Just four teams who belong there. So, of course, the discussion is whether we need eight teams in the playoffs. As expected.

Who's #1?

So, who should be number #1? Ohio State or LSU?

Clemson is clearly out of this discussion, since their strength of schedule was terrible. They may be the best team, but they don't deserve to be ranked #1 after the season.

With LSU throttling Georgia and Ohio State struggling for 2 quarters against Wisconsin, LSU was the better choice for #1.

The body of work for both teams was similar enough that we could take that as being about even. But when Ohio State couldn't wake up in time for kickoff, they didn't look like a #1 team. Meanwhile, LSU manhandled Georgia for four quarters. That put them over the top for the top ranking.

Not that it matters that much, both teams are in the playoffs. Admittedly, Ohio State now needs to battle a Clemson team that nobody knows much about, giving them what seems to be a tougher road. But they playing a team everyone is overlooking has its own dangers, as well. So don't worry about #1 or #2; there will be plenty for both teams to do, no matter what.


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