College Football Research


by Big Al

Jinkies, it's already week 0(?) and I haven't even done my preview article yet! Anyway, I'd better make some picks before the games start tomorrow.

Miami at Florida

Miami is coming off of an uninspiring season that followed an uninspiring end to the 2017 season. Florida is coming off of a weird season that never really made any sense. But it ended well, so there's that.

Miami, God love them, just can't seem to figure it out. They keep churning out NFL talent in the same bushels that they churn out empty hype. They are like an actress that was once beautiful and brash, but became bitchy. Everyone remembers what they used to be, but they have moved on to new flames. How long until people forget what they used to be?

Florida, meanwhile, well, they keep chugging along in the shadow of other SEC programs. They pop up every so often, but if Alabama is calling the dance, Florida ain't even playing second fiddle; they're playing the washboard.

Anyway, I really want to pick Miami just because I want to see them make a splash. But sense must dictate over sentiment. Florida wins.

Arizona at Hawai'i

Arizona goes to Hawai'i in search of an extra game. They'll get a win out of it, too.


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