College Football Research


by Big Al

The entire national picture gets upended last week, and I can't get an article out. This is getting to be a bad habit. However, not much has really changed, so the impact was pretty minimal. Everyone who was in the race is still in it, except Notre Dame.

Anyway, on to this week's games! There aren't a lot of them among ranked teams. With Labor Day being so early and Thanksgiving being so late, everyone gets two bye weeks this year. And, the way things fell, most of the top teams are off this week. But some aren't, and we've got a doozy down south.

Michigan at Maryland

Michigan's upset win over Notre Dame last weekend might have saved Jim Harbaugh's bacon. Their defense has looked good, and they found a running game. It was wet and sloppy, so it's not like Notre Dame couldn't figure out that they were going to run the ball. Michigan may finally be finding their stride.

However, this feels like exactly the sort of game where Michigan would stub their toe and find themselves right back in the doghouse. They might be unimpressive, but I'm not too worried about Michigan here.

Virginia Tech at Notre Dame

Both teams are coming in at 5-2. Notre Dame is ranked, Virginia Tech isn't. Unfair? Maybe. But Notre Dame will be pretty angry after last week's performance. They'll take it out on Virginia Tech.

Georgia vs. Florida

The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is back for more! Georgia once again goes to Florida for a "neutral site" game against their rival.

I happened to catch some commentary (from someone on ESPN whose name I can't remember) talking about Jake Fromm's struggles. Most of it had to do with his receivers not knowing the right thing to do in certain situations. It was fascinating stuff. But that tells me that there's confusion on the offense. Against Florida's defense, that ain't going to work. Florida wins.

Miami at Florida State

Yeah, this one's on here for sentimental purposes. Anyway, Florida State does seem to be trending in the right direction. So I'll take the Seminoles.

Utah at Washington

Washington keeps disappointing me. I know they have some talent, but they can't seem to figure out what to do with it. This feels like one of those games where, no matter what I do, Washington will mess it up. So I'll just pick Utah. Sorry, Utah.

SMU at Memphis

There has been a lot of talk about SMU's resurrection. Their is no redemption without sin, and they sinned pretty bad. And it is exciting to see SMU back among the ranked. Memphis will mess it up for them.

Oregon at USC

Does anyone else feel like this Oregon resurgence is living on borrowed time? Maybe it's just me. But I'll take USC in the upset anyway.


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