College Football Research


by Big Al

I finally have enough time to write a weekend wrapup! And that's a good thing, because it was a big week. Unlike last week, which was not.

So let's see what what happened.

Tulsa 34 - UCF 31

I found myself rooting for Tulsa, but I felt so bad for both UCF and their fans. It was like watching a car wreck that stretched out for an hour or so. It just kept going wrong. And it seemed like there was nothing UCF could do to stop it. I hate to say it, but I just don't see Josh Heupel surviving when his team is so sloppy. Which sucks, because I really like Josh Heupel.

LSU 46 - Alabama 41

This is a very important game for both teams, but the impact on Alabama is maybe a little different that one might think at first. Anyway, let's do a list:

  1. LSU has a clear path to the playoffs, as long as they don't lose.
  2. Alabama has an even clearer path the playoffs, as long as they don't lose again. Seriously, all they have to do is wait for someone to beat Ohio State or Baylor, and Alabama is in the #4 spot. At least one of those two is going down sometime.
  3. For this game being between two SEC teams, there wasn't a lot of defense. Fine, two fantastic offenses on display, but you expect SEC defenses to stop fantastic offenses. Even 35-28 would have been a points explosion 5 years ago.
  4. This is, obviously, not the first time Alabama has lost a conference game. But Alabama tends to get beat by teams you didn't see coming. Everyone saw LSU coming from the offseason. This has been a highlighted game since they played last year. You need to sneak up on Alabama, you don't want them to see you coming. But Alabama did see them coming and LSU won anyway. I'm not saying that Alabama is doing poorly or they will start being average, but Alabama lost some luster here.

Anyway, what a huge win for LSU. And Joe Burrow is looking pretty good for the Heisman. So, good for him, good for them, and I guess we'll see them both in the playoffs!

Minnesota 31 - Penn State 26

I wanted to pick Minnesota, but I picked Penn State anyway. Oops.

Anyway, Minnesota is starting to look pretty good in the Big Ten. They knocked off one of the two big teams in the East. Ohio State looms (maybe), but Minnesota has earned some respect.

Oklahoma 42 - Iowa State 41

Oklahoma followed up their loss to Kansas State by almost losing to Iowa State. I don't know what's going on with their defense, but it seems to be common knowledge now.

Wisconsin 24 - Iowa 22

Wisconsin needed this. After two disappointing losses, their year was teetering. Which is terrible, because Wisconsin is actually a very good team. So good for them for righting the ship. Sucks for Iowa, though.

Texas 27 - Kansas State 24

And speaking of teams that needed a win, good for Texas. But, again, sucks for a Kansas State team that was hoping to get themselves back into the upper tier of the Big XII.

Virginia Tech 36 - Wake Forest 17

I was talking to my mom about football (what do you talk about with your mother?), and she pointed out that, with this loss by Wake Forest, Clemson almost assuredly won't play a ranked team all year. Which is crazy. They are the defending national champions, and they will be the wild card in the playoffs. College football is so weird.

Florida State 38 - Boston College 31

Florida State is going to be bowl eligible! I'm very confused by the fact that is news.

Illinois 37 - Michigan State 34

Ugh, come on Michigan State. But Illinois is bowl eligible! Go Illinois!


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