College Football Research


by Big Al

Last week was quiet, but this week is loud. Very loud. Especially in the SEC, where the fans are always loud all the time, even when things are quiet.

And with that said, to the games!

Penn State at Minnesota

Minnesota is flying under the radar right now, thanks to the fact they are Minnesota. Penn State is flying high right now, but not as high as they might, because Ohio State is in their division.

I was all set to pick Minnesota in the upset. Because it's cold in Minnesota. Real cold. The kind of cold that creeps under your skin and causes stinging pain in your face. The kind that creeps into your lungs and causes stinging pain when you breathe. But then I checked the weather forecast around gametime and it will be in the high-30's, low-40's. Penn State wins.

Florida State at Boston College

FSU fired Willie Taggart less than 2 years after they hired him. Seems little quick on the trigger, but the Seminoles have not shown any improvement. Admittedly, the cupboard was bare after Jimbo Fisher left... which was likely the reason he left in the first place. Still, it would have been nice to see some improvement in the first year-and-a-half.

FSU plays like a team that doesn't care. Are they going to start caring now that their coach was fired? Doubt it. Especially not when they are going north to Boston for 40-degree weather which, to a Floridian, is like the Ice Age. Boston College wins.

Iowa at Wisconsin

I'm pretty sure these two play for some kind of rivalry trophy. For one, it's a game in the Big Ten, and darn near all of them that don't involve Ohio State seem to have some kind of rivalry trophy (the Illibuck is kind of it for OSU). And I could look it up. But it's more fun to just talk about the rivalry trophy in the general expectation of the thing without actually talking about the thing specifically. Don't we all feel better now?

Where was I? Oh, yes, this game. Iowa has lost every game they've played against a ranked team. Wisconsin is coming is on a two-game losing streak, and they are really pissed off. But they are still ranked. Wisconsin wins.

Missouri at Georgia

Some time ago, I heard some sort of disaster scenario that had to do with the fact that Missouri was in sole possession of first place in the SEC East. Did anyone really take this seriously? It's Missouri. Georgia wins.

Clemson at NC State

This is one of the biggest games Clemson will play in the ACC. And it's not even a close game on paper. Won't be a close game on grass, neither.

Tennessee at Kentucky

As far as I'm concerned, they still play for the Bourbon Barrel. Kentucky wins it this year. Because Tennessee is just hard to watch.

Notre Dame at Duke

Notre Dame needed a last-second touchdown to beat Virginia Tech last weekend. Duke may not be great, but they are pretty good. And Notre Dame is faltering. I see an upset here. I'm going with Duke to knock off the Irish.

LSU at Alabama

Okay, so the CFP committee has them at #2 and #3. Still, they are #1 and #2 in the AP poll, so I'm still calling this a #1 vs. #2 game. Because those are awesome.

Big question: Will Tua play? If he doesn't, then that's going to hurt Bama. Yes, they did fine without him, but he's still phenomenal.

Honestly, the best thing Alabama could do is sit Tua and lose the game to get the Alabama shortcut to the playoffs. Then Bama would only need to win out without needing to worry about the SEC Championship game (assuming LSU doesn't lose 2 games the rest of the year).

So, with that said, I believe that's exactly what happens. Tua is out, Alabama loses, they only really need to worry about the Auburn game the rest of November. LSU wins.


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