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Week 12 Recap

by Big Al

It was a rough time for a few teams. It was an amazing time for a few others. It was first one and then the other for one team, specifically. So let's talk about it.

Oklahoma 34 - Baylor 31

I had the whole thing ready. Baylor's offense was good, but I had no idea their defense was so good. They really locked down Oklahoma. I hadn't seen a Big XII team that could do that in a long time. Baylor was tough, aggressive, and could absolutely stop the Sooners like nobody else had. And I really felt sorry Jalen Hurts, because he's the sort of guy you enjoy watching when he's not playing your team: he always plays hard and he looks like he's having fun doing it.

Then there was the second half.

Oklahoma kept chipping away. Baylor kept doing nothing on offense. Oklahoma kept getting stops. Baylor would get stops, but would just keep giving the ball back. Next thing you know, Oklahoma was winning the game. It took darn near the entire game to do it, but they did it. And Baylor is stuck wondering about what could have been. But they will likely get another chance at it in a few weeks.

LSU 58 - Ole Miss 37

I confess I didn't see LSU as a threat to drop a game before the end of the year, but this game gives me concern. Defense wins championships, and giving up 37 points to a 4-7 team is not reassuring. Perhaps it's overthinking things, but it's something to keep an eye on.

Alabama 38 - Mississippi State 7

The game itself is pretty unimportant and entirely expected. But the loss of Tua Tagovailoa is a huge deal. I heard some people wondering why he was still in the game before the end of the half with Alabama already up significantly. But if you are worried about losing your quarterback to injury, then you can never afford to play him.

Anyway, the injury really sucks for all involved. I feel bad for Tua: nobody should need to deal with an injury that severe. Football-wise, the loss of Tua is very dangerous for Alabama's playoff chances, if only because that makes the game against Auburn rather questionable. But, if the Tide wins out, they are still in if LSU wins out.

Georgia 21 - Auburn 14

Georgia was written off after South Carolina, but they are still in the race. Auburn, however, is just not getting it done these days. Not sure why, but they don't seem to know how to win.'

Iowa 23 - Minnesota 19

I don't think I'm being cruel when I say I was waiting for someone to beat Minnesota. I think they are a very good team, but they still have work to do before they are contending for championships. But they are still in the Big Ten race. Don't sleep on them yet.

Notre Dame 52 - Navy 20

Notre Dame isn't dead yet. They won't be in the playoffs, but they are still a name to contend with.

Iowa State 23 - Texas 21

I think Tom Herman is a good coach. But he needs a big win soon if he's going to stay with the Longhorns. Iowa State, however, is proving to be a consistent nuisance in the Big XII.


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