College Football Research


by Big Al

After last week's big games, we are back in action this week with more big games. Not as big as last week, but big all the same.

North Carolina at Pittsburgh

I like "Pitt" better than "Pittsburgh". It has impact. And the team was a heck of a lot better when they were known as "Pitt". Can you believe that team won a few national titles? North Carolina won't after they beat Pittsburgh.

Louisiana Tech at Marshall

Oh, heck, let's go with Marshall at home.

Wisconsin at Nebraska

I was expecting Nebraska to take a big step forward this year. And they are doing better than last year, I think. But they need to win 2 of their last 3 games to make it to a bowl. They ain't gonna have an eaiser job of it after this week. Wisconsin all the way.

Michigan State at Michigan

The Harbaugh salvation tour continues this week. The Wolverines have gotten better, and they are looking like we've been expecting them to look. Now if we could do something about Mark Dantonio. Michigan wins.

Navy at Notre Dame

It's a matchup of ranked teams. Yes, Navy is ranked! They won't be after Notre Dame beats them.

Wake Forest at Clemson

Wake Forest may be the best team Clemson plays this year. But they aren't ranked, just like every other team Clemson has played. Clemson wins.

Georgia at Auburn

Georgia is ranked #4 and sitting pretty for the playoffs! But Alabama is right behind them. Don't get between Alabama and the playoffs. Auburn gets the win.

Minnesota at Iowa

The Gopher train suddenly has a lot more passengers. They're in the bandwagon car. The train keeps a'rollin' all night long on Saturday.

Oklahoma at Baylor

Anyone else get the feeling that Oklahoma was looking ahead to this game when they were struggling to take out Iowa State? Well, it doesn't matter much, because the last couple of weeks have shown everyone in the world Oklahoma's defensive weaknesses. I'm guessing that, whatever they are, Baylor can do that. Baylor wins.

USC at Cal

I'm only including this game because it's the last game on the schedule for the week. USC will win it because, I don't know, plate tectonics.


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