College Football Research


by Big Al

There was one big game, one big upset, and a lot of interesting stuff across the board. Let's take a look!

Ohio State 28 - Penn State 17

Well, now that Ohio State's season finally started, we got to see what Ohio State is made of. And they are... not all that great. Let's face it, they looked terrible. But they also played like dog... dirt, and beat the #8 team in the country by 11. They may actually be better than we think. We'll find out more next week.

LSU 56 - Arkansas 20

Again, LSU gave up an awful lot of points to a bad team. I'm getting a little nervous about them. Their offense is incredible, but the defense has not been impressing me this month. Next week against Texas A&M shouldn't be a problem, but Georgia will be. It will be an interesting end to the season.

Arizona State 31 - Oregon 28

This was one of those games where you kept expecting Oregon to bust out some points, but the later it got, the more you realize they are running out of time. And they did. Arizona State put together one excellent defensive scheme against the Ducks. I'm not even going to pretend I saw this one coming. So great job Arizona State!

Oklahoma 28 - TCU 24

I was right about the upset, right up until I wasn't. Oklahoma figured it out, so good job by them! All the same, I get the feeling that the Big XII is figuring out some of Jalen Hurts's tendencies and weaknesses. He needs to figure them out if the Sooners are going to have a good end to the season.

Michigan 39 - Indiana 14

I really expected Indiana to give Michigan a run for their money. But after an early scoring burst, Michigan shut them down. Michigan may be better than people give them credit for. They are definitely on a roll heading into the biggest week of the year. Don't sleep on them.

USC 52 - UCLA 35

Say what you will about both teams, they certainly aren't boring. USC has put together a decent year, despite the injuries at quarterback. Not sure if it will be enough to keep Clay Helton employed, but I think it should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Nebraska 54 - Maryland 7

Okay, fine, it's not against Ohio State, but Nebraska got a big win and some momentum with a chance to become bowl eligible. Whether they will or not, at least they are in the hunt.

California 24 - Stanford 20

Cal got themselves a rivaly win and they are bowl-eligible. Stanford got some extra time to study for finals.

Florida International 30 - Miami 24

Wait... what now? Great job, FIU! Miami, what are you doing?

Colorado 20 - Washington 14

Oh, Washington, we had such high hopes for you. Now you're doing this again. Is everything okay at home? Do we need to talk about your plans for the future? Is there something bothering you that we need to know about? We're just worried about you. And we're here for you if you need us.


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