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Week 13 Preview

by Big Al

Things get big this week, in preparation for rivalry week next week. It's all happening. Just not in the SEC, where it's the annual SEC vs. FCS Challenge. I know the reasons for it, but it's an awful lot of limp asparagus in the South.

NC State at Georgia Tech

I make it a point to make a pick in the Thursday night game (or at least one of them), if only to make sure I get my picks posted before the weekend. That is often an interesting game. But, sometimes, it's a 4-6 team playing a 2-8 team. NC State, because they aren't quite as bad as Georgia Tech.

Penn State at Ohio State

Ohio State's season is finally starting! Sorry, actually, that's a bit harsh: Wisconsin was and is a very good team when Ohio State played them. But this game is the biggest one so far this year, mostly because Ohio State did beat Wisconsin.

Anyway, I just don't see Penn State being able to manage Ohio State this year. The Buckeyes are chugging along like a freight train, while Penn State can seem to get out of their own way. Ohio State wins.

UCF at Tulane

UCF needs to get back to winning really soon. However, UCF's magic seems to have evaporated. Tulane wins.

Michigan at Indiana

Michigan has a huge game next weekend. But they first need to get past a scrappy Indiana team that is tougher than you think from their name. I'm picking Michigan, but I get the feeling this is a game that people are going to want to watch. Especially seeing how hard Indiana made Ohio State work last weekend.

Texas at Baylor

Texas needs a win. As in a big win. As in, I don't think this is Tom Herman's last chance... but if it isn't this year, then it's next year.


I'd just like to point out that this is a season-ending rivalry game for USC. They are finishing early this year. Go figure. Anyway, it's going to be time for Clay Helton to start sweating come Sunday. I don't have an conjectures on the matter, but there's been an awful lot of talk and I'm sure he can hear as well as anyone else.

Nebraska at Maryland

Scott Frost is not in danger. Not yet, anyway. But I want to see him succeed. He'll get a win here to keep bowl hopes alive for another week. Iowa looms next week, though. Farmaggeddon!

Cal at Stanford

So, it's more replays of a trombone player getting run over again this week. Cal won't need a miracle this weekend.

Arkansas at LSU

There's two SEC teams playing a league game in the second-to-last Saturday of the regular season! Anyway, LSU kicks the holy $#@% out of Arknasas.

TCU at Oklahoma

I am almost tempted to pick TCU here. Because coming back from 25 points down takes a heck of a lot out of a team. It's hard work and it's both mentally and physically exhausting for everyone. You don't entirely recover from that sort of thing in one week. You know what? I talked myself into it as I was writing this paragraph. #^%$ it, TCU delivers the shocker Saturday night.


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