College Football Research


by Big Al

It's championship week in college football, and there will be a lot of Dr. Pepper promotions! And teams winning their conferences. There are those too.

Utah vs. Oregon

Utah comes into this game with the #3 total defense in the country. Oregon comes in with the #24 total defense, I think?

On top of that, Oregon's offense is really hit-or-miss. When they are working, they are very impressive. But then they have top-to-bottom misfires that wreck them entirely. That's not something you want against a top defense. Utah wins.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma

This game was perhaps the most gripping of the year, and now we are doing it again. I'm guessing that it won't play out like the last one. But I am guessing that Oklahoma figured out their issues in the second half of the first game. I'm going with Oklahoma.

Louisiana at Appalachian State

Hey, it's a conference championship game! Don't knock it!

App State has made a very impressive rise through the ranks since their arrival in FBS. Heck, their win over Michigan is still one of the legends of teh game. They continue their rise with a Sun Belt championship.

Miami vs. Central Michigan


A 7-5 Miami team takes on an 8-4 Central Michigan team. I confess I'm having a little trouble building up this game. But I'll go with Miami for no reason other than that would make sure to have two 8-5 teams at the top of the MAC.

UAB at Florida Atlantic

As an Ohio State fan, I gotta say, that OSU win over FAU early in the season is actually starting to look like a solid win. FAU turned out a 9-3 season, which is a good accomplishment for any team. FAU wins to make it look even better.

Cincinnati at Memphis

Not gonna lie here, I'm rather worried about this game. Two teams that just beat the snot out of each other for four quarters are now lining up to do it again one week later. I worry about tempers flaring. If I were Cincinnati, I'd also worry about the fact they got roughly handled to the tune of a 10-point win last weekend. Memphis wins.

LSU vs. Georgia

I keep looking at this game, and something keeps telling me that it's the most likely upset of the weekend. It's not even a particularly huge upset: LSU is favored by 7 (last I saw). But every time I see an upset brewing like this, I am wrong. LSU wins.

Hawai'i at Boise State

Do you know what it's like in Boise in December? Is Hawai'i going to be able to prepare for that, on top of preparing for a better team? These are rhetorical questions. Boise State is the answer.

Virginia vs. Clemson

Clemson. Next.

Ohio State vs. Wisconsin

Ohio State is such an obvious pick that I worry about them. They got their big wins over Michigan and Penn State, and now they need to get up for a game against a team they throttled pretty easily at home earlier in the year. It's not like Wisconsin is bad, but that game got away from them. And Wisconsin is going to fired up for this game, because they have something to prove.

It's the second-least likely upset of the weekend (after Virgina beating Clemson), and you need at least one on championship weekend. So Wisconsin is my pick for the big upset.


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