College Football Research


Week 1 Recap

by Big Al

It was a more interesting week than I had anticipated. And those payday games generated a surprise result. So let's take a look at what we had in week 1.

Boise State at Florida State

I'm really trying to root for Willie Taggart here. But blowing an 18-point lead at home at noon in Tallahassee against a team that comes from a state that borders Canada is just incomprehensible.

I read something that said FSU players were cramping and possible not properly hydrated. These are the details that make the difference between 10-2 and 5-7. This is bad. This is very, very bad.

Anyway, congratulations to Boise State! I never thought they could go south against a big name early in the season and get a win! Great job not giving up, and great job getting a big win against a big name!

Georgia State 38 - Tennessee 30

This is bad. This is very bad. Tennessee, what are you doing?

On top of the ignominy of a loss to a team that went 2-10 last year, they had an announced attendance of some 85,000 in a stadium that can hold some 102,000. Things are looking very bad in the Volunteer State.

But, again every upset has a team that didn't back down. Great job Georgia State! Take a bow and be proud!

Auburn 27 - Oregon 21

This is one of those early-season games that generally looks like a good matchup, then turns into a dumpster fire by the third quarter. So you can imagine my surprise when this turned out to be a good game.

Oregon had this game handled, but faded down the stretch. I think their defense was starting to wear down, because they couldn't stop the run and couldn't get off the field. But Auburn was up to the task and took advantage. We'll see how Oregon and Auburn turn out, but this is a big win that the Tigers should savor for a week.

Iowa State 29 - Northern Iowa 26

Okay, fine, it's not an impressive win against a top team. But this is the sort of game that Iowa State used to find ways to lose. So I commend the Cyclones on finding a way to win it.

Nebraska 35 - South Alabama 21

Nebraska started the season ranked, which is a testament to how much they improved over the second half of the season. But this was not an impressive start to the year. We'll see if it's a concern or if it's just coming out stale, but they found ways to get it done.

Oklahoma 49 - Houston 31

I'm not concerned yet, but I am not yet sold on Oklahoma. Their defense did look better and more aggressive, but they still needed to score points to keep Houston at arm's length. Though I'm sure that they aren't exactly flush with top defensive talent, considering their recent history.

Notre Dame 35 - Louisville 17

I did not get to see as much of this game as I would have liked, but Louisville seems to have caught the Domers napping. However, the Irish figured it out and shut down Louisville after the shock wore off. They are still a name to reckon with.

Cincinnati 24 - UCLA 14

Chip Kelly is not impressing at UCLA. Luke Fickell is impressing at Cincinnati. One would presume Fickell won't be a Bearcat for too long if he keeps this up.

UConn 24 - Wagner 21

UConn won a game! Fine, it was against Wagner, but they needed this!

OSU 452 - OSU 36

Sorry, couldn't resist this one. Good job Cowboys!

USC 31 - Fresno State 23

Pac-12 After Dark gave us a pretty good game once again. I didn't think that USC had it in them, but they proved me wrong. But losing JT Daniels is a hard price to pay. That stinks for him. Here's hoping he will be okay for next season.


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