College Football Research


Week 1 Preview

by Big Al

Well, it's actually week one, not week 0. And it's time for football! God, I love it so.

I thought about writing a wrapup for week 0 but, really, the less said about the Miami-Florida game, the better.

UCLA at Cincinnati

UCLA was not good last year. Cincinnati was very good last year. Cincinnati wins.

Georgia Tech at Clemson

This may be the biggest game of the weekend. And Clemson will still win it easily.

Utah at BYU

I rather enjoy the season-opening rivalry games. At least somebody is playing for something. And Utah will win this one.

Wisconsin at South Florida

There are a lot of times during the year when Wisconsonites are going to want to visit Florida. August is nowhere near one of those times. South Florida pulls off the upset.

UMass at Rutgers

150 years ago, college football was born. Only one FBS school is able to also celebrate their 150th year of football! Rutgers, take a bow! They'll start the year off right.

Colorado at Colorado State

Another season-opening rivalry game! Colorado will win it.

FAU at Ohio State

I'm actually going to this game. And I'm actually rather interested to see it. FAU plays some good football and they have a good coach. Their offense can put up some crazy points. But their defense was terrible last year. Which is exactly the MO for Ohio State last year. This one might be very educational. But I'd be stupid to not pick Ohio State.

Ole Miss at Memphis

Memphis gets a bragging-rights win over the SEC.

Boise State at Florida State

If this were being played in October or November, I'd go for Boise State against an FSU team that has looked downright bad the last two seasons. But it's August. And it's in Florida. Boise State players may actually melt. Florida State wins.

Virginia Tech at Boston College

This is the other possibility for the game of the weekend. Let's go with Virginia Tech for the heck of it.

That should be some kind of slogan: "What the heck? Virginia Tech!"

Oregon vs. Auburn

Thank you Advocare Classic for giving us a game between ranked teams! This one should be the game of the weekend, but we'll see. Anyway, Oregon isn't quite the Quack Attack they used to be, now that other teams have caught onto them. Auburn, meanwhile, is still a solid SEC team. Auburn looks prettier, but I'm guessing the Ducks still have some life in them. Oregon pulls off the upset.

Fresno State at USC

I keep hearing rumors about Urban Meyer taking over at USC. Not sure whether to take them seriously, but I'm pretty sure Clay Helton is hearing them too. As are his players. That spells opportunity for Fresno State. The Bulldogs win.

Houston at Oklahoma

I really want to pick Houston in the monumental upset. But I also think their train is running out of steam. Oklahoma wins.

Notre Dame at Louisville

Let's see, team coming off of a berth in the playoffs playing a team that finished last season 2-10. Do I really need to tell you who I'm picking in this game?

On the plus side, at least Louisville is at home.


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