College Football Research


Week 2 Recap

by Big Al

LSU 45 - Texas 38

I was watching this game and thinking about how it reminded me of other games I've seen where the team that deserved to win really didn't. Texas was playing better than LSU. Are they better than LSU? No, probably not. But Texas was playing better than LSU. But LSU made the important plays, while Texas dropped the ball (sometimes quite literally) when they had their chances.

I also was reminded of another game I actually attended: the USC-Ohio State game in 2009. USC won that game, but they took a beating in the process, and were never quite the same after that. That game had two losers: Ohio State lost a game and USC lost a war. I think the same thing might have happened to LSU here.

Clemson 24 - Texas A&M 10

Clemson didn't knock Texas A&M's teeth out like I expected. But Texas A&M just isn't on par with Clemson. However, it didn't seem as much a top-to-bottom talent gap as much as execution errors. Texas A&M isn't that far off. But if you can't execute, you can't win. Clemson did and did.

Michigan 24 - Army 21

A lot of people are going to count out Michigan after this result. I admit, it's bad. But I also know that teams can learn a lot from game to game. Michigan is installing a new offense; it might take time to click. If it does, this game will be just noise on the radar.

On the other hand, I do feel bad for Army's kicker: he had a chance to get the biggest win in Army football since, oh, the 1940's. But a 50-yard field goal is asking a lot of any kicker at the college level; it would have been a near-miracle if he had made it.

California 20 - Washington 19

Okay, this is obviously a huge win for California and a terrible loss for Washington. But I was very excited about this game for a different reason.

I had woken up a little before 4:00 a.m. on Sunday morning and I was instantly wide awake. It happens, so I just crawled out of bed to get some things done that needed doing while I drank a couple of beers and waited to get tired again. In the meantime, I figured I'd check a few scores. Lo and behold, California and Washington were still playing! And it was 1:00 in the morning PDT. God bless them, they were still going. Either way, I got to wake up on a Sunday and get a bonus game in. That felt pretty awesome, so thank you Bears and Huskies for making this fan happy in the wee hours.

Maryland 63 - Syracuse 20

Wait... what?

Maryland has been on the cusp for a couple of years now. Not to jinx it, but I think they might finally be figuring it out.

USC 45 - Stanford 20

It seems that USC found a quarterback. Or at least they did for a week. In a wide-open Pac-12 looking for a new center of gravity, USC might be back in a bigger way that we expected.

Colorado 34 - Nebraska 31

I picked Colorado to win. But Nebraska was controlling the game so well early that I gave up on them. I don't know what happened, but it did in a big way. But I'm guessing running up and down the field at altitude had something to do with it. I'm familiar with how easy it is to be out of breath just from walking when you are a mile above sea level (ridiculously easy, by the way, even for someone who was young and relatively in-shape at the time). Playing football would take a lot out of you.

In conclusion, don't read too much into this result. There might be a lot of reasons for this result that are only marginally related to football.

Florida State 45 - Louisiana-Monroe 44

I get the feeling Florida State is going to get worse before it gets better. And it's already really bad.

North Carolina 28 - Miami 25

Miami is just not impressing anywhere this year. North Carolina isn't quite impressive, but they are at least worth watching. Let's keep an eye on them.

BYU 29 - Tennessee 26

This is looking more and more like a lost season for the Tennessee Volunteers. I just don't see anything happening that's good here.

On the other side, BYU pulled out a much-needed win. I'm not expecting them to be mistaken for the Crimson Tide anytime soon, but they were resilient in a game they really should have lost.


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