College Football Research


Week 2 Preview

by Big Al

Once again, it's a race to the finish line with this article. At least the first game of the weekend is on a Friday this week.

It has been an interesting year so far, with a few upsets early, and quite a few close games worth watching. Here's hoping that the year continues to be entertaining.

Cincinnati at Ohio State

Cincinnati defeated UCLA last weekend, and hope to make an even bigger splash with a win over Ohio State this weekend. But that won't happen. Ohio State wins.

Texas A&M at Clemson

I'm not picking against Clemson until the playoffs start. Clemson it is.

Nebraska at Colorado

Nebraska almost pulled off a huge win last year, but an ill-timed (but absolutely textbook) targeting penalty saved Colorado. However, this year, Colorado will be at home. I'm not ready to give Nebraska the benefit of the doubt in a game at altitude. Colorado gets a biggish win.

BYU at Tennessee

If Tennessee can't handle Georgia State, I seriously doubt they can handle BYU. BYU wins.

LSU at Texas

As much as I like Tom Herman, I'm not seeing a Texas team that is ready to take on a team the caliber of LSU. So LSU it is.

Miami at North Carolina

I watched the Miami take on Florida. For that reason alone, I'm picking North Carolina.

Stanford at USC

Both teams got good wins against good teams last weekend. I'm not sure why, but I somehow think that USC is in good shape this weekend. So, let's just go with USC for the win.


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