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Week 3 Recap

by Big Al

It was a boring weekend, right up until it wasn't. And it turned into an interesting weekend after all.

It was also a week that brought to mind a quote from the very quotable John Robinson during his stint with the newly minted Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their legendarily terrible first few years:

Reporter: "How do you feel about the execution of your team?"

John Robinson: "I'm all for it."

Florida 29 - Kentucky 21

Kentucky gave it a run, but Florida finally figured things out. Unfortunately, Feleipe Franks dislocated his ankle in the game. That just ain't right.

Penn State 17 - Pittsburgh 10

Okay, fine, Pittsburgh's coach didn't go for it on fourth down at the Penn State one-yard line. Should he have? Maybe. Did he have any indication that they would have any more success than they did on the previous three plays? Nope. Maybe he didn't have confidence in his guys because he didn't have anything to be confident in.

Arizona State 10 - Michigan State 7

For all the talk of X's and O's, there is no replacement for execution. And Michigan State didn't. Dropped passes and missed field goals sunk the Spartans... punctuated by a completely incomprehensible 12-men on the field penalty. Not to mention allowing Arizona State to convert a 4th-and-13 on their game-winning drive.

I'd love to talk up Arizona State here, but they aren't the story. Michigan State lost, and Arizona State was in the way.

Central Florida 45 - Stanford 27

And that turned out exactly as predicted by everyone. Central Florida got some notice with a win over a Power 5 team. We'll see if Stanford can make that mean something.

Temple 20 - Maryland 17

Out of all the teams that you expect would knock off Maryland's top-ranked offense, Temple is not one of them. Not even close to the list. If they played again next week, I wouldn't pick them to do that. Good job Temple!

For Maryland, execution bit them in the... arm. They had their opportunities, but you've got to follow through on them. Maryland didn't.

Iowa 18 - Iowa State 17

Execution, execution, execution. Are you listening, Iowa State?!

BYU 30 - USC 27

I don't know how to describe it, but this game was just kind of weird. It just had an air of weirdness about it that shone through every time I switched to it. And that boded well for BYU. I don't know which way either team is going this year, but this game could be an odd mile marker for both teams. Anyway, good job to BYU for pulling out the win!

Virginia 31 - Florida State 24

Virginia was doing their darndest to lose this game, but Florida State was too much for them. So good job Florida State at overcoming Virginia is the battle to this loss!

Tennessee 45 - Chattanooga 0

Miami 63 - Bethune-Cookman 0

I think there are a couple of teams that needed to blow off some steam.

Kansas State 31 - Mississippi State 24

I somehow missed this game in my preview article. I'm pretty sure I would have picked Mississippi State, though. Anyway, good job Kansas State, you have yourselves a notable pre-conference win!

The Citadel 27 - Georgia Tech 24

It seems that Georgia Tech has some work to do. A lot of work.

Air Force 30 - Colorado 23

This game gave me pause, mostly because Colorado is flying high after a big win that may or may not be due to skill. And they were playing a dangerous, skilled team that also plays at altitude. But it did not give me enough pause to actually pick the upset here. So, great job Air Force!

Arizona 28 - Texas Tech 14

I don't think anybody expected nearly four quarters of a defensive battle between these two teams, but that's what we got. Arizona slugged out the eventual win, but Texas Tech's defense deserves a lot of credit for playing so far above expectation.

On the other side, great job to Arizona for getting done in the long run. Their defense played far above expectation for four full quarters, and their offense finally got the traction it needed to get the win. Bear Down!


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