College Football Research


Week 3 Preview

by Big Al

I recently added a side gig writing for a website, which has proven to be quite a benefit to me. It's nice to get some extra dough for doing something I enjoy (most of the time). Bad part is that paying work takes precedence over anything I simply do for fun. So thank goodness the games don't start until Friday night this week. Bought me some time!

Anyway, that's quite enough about me, let's talk football.

North Carolina at Wake Forest

North Carolina has gotten their year off to a good start with wins over South Carolina and Miami. I like the team and I like that Mack Brown is taking them in the right direction. But two close wins over two teams that are more famous than good makes me wonder about a letdown. I'm going with Wake Forest in this game.

Washington State at Houston

A rip-roaring start is not how I would describe the beginning of Houston's season. If this were last year or the year before, I'd totally be picking Houston in the upset. But it's not. So I'm going with Washington State.

Pittsburgh at Penn State

This used to be a big rivalry. That was a long time ago. Penn State wins.

NC State at West Virginia

Two good names in FBS, neither of which is ranked. I should have an opinion about this game, but I don't. So I'll just pick the favorite: NC State.

Stanford at UCF

Now this is a game worth talking about!

Stanford is traveling across the country, probably to improve their connections to the Florida talent pipeline. Glad somebody is traveling for a good game. Anyway, UCF is still a pretty good team, but Stanford is having some hiccups this year (hic, usc, hic). UCF wins.

Arizona State at Michigan State

This is the sort of game that should be played more often now that teams have a 12-game schedule to fill (ahem, Ohio State, hrm). Should be a decent game (not that the line indicates it). But I'm taking Michigan State.

Iowa at Iowa State

The annual CyHawk Trophy game is probably going to go down to the wire like it always does. I'll go with Iowa to squeak out a win.

Florida at Kentucky

I'm sure I'm going to eat my words on this one, but Florida ain't that good. I think Kentucky pulls off the big upset at home that really ain't that big of an upset.

Clemson at Syracuse

Syracuse has given Clemson trouble, and even pulled off an upset two years ago. That was fun while it lasted. Clemson wins.

Florida State at Virginia

Every time I turn on ESPNU, they are playing a Florida State-Virginia game from the past. And it is always a game that Virginia won. Only difference between those games and this year's game is that Virginia is way better than Florida State this year. Virginia wins.

Texas Tech at Arizona

The best of the late games. Which ain't saying much, but it's something worth noting. It's also worth noting that I expect Arizona to pull out a win at home.


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