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Week 4 Preview

by Big Al

After a few weeks of surprising results, it's on to another week of games. Let's see what's coming.

Houston at Tulane

We all know Houston is going to win. But it's a Thursday game, so I am picking it.

Utah at USC

I keep going back and forth on this one. I think Utah is a good team that should be better than USC. But I also think USC is better than they seemed in the BYU loss. I'm going to think it's stupid, but I'm also picking USC.

Air Force at Boise State

Can Air Force get another big win on the road? No. Boise State wins.

Michigan at Wisconsin

After two weeks of underwhelming performance, Michigan had a bye week to gather their wits about them and figure things out. They might figure it out before the end of the year. But not before the end of this week. Wisconsin wins.

Auburn at Texas A&M

Texas A&M is a very tempting pick. They did give Clemson some difficulties and made the Tigers work for their win. But I think Auburn is getting better quarterback play, and that is enough to make the difference for these Tigers too. Auburn wins.

Washington at BYU

BYU gets another chance to knock off a ranked Pac-12 team. Maybe next year. Washington wins.

Tennessee at Florida

This used to be a big rivalry with national implications. That was a long time ago. You won't be able to tell this year, though. Florida wins big.

Oregon at Stanford

Remember when this used to be a big rivalry? That was last year, wasn't it? Anyway, Stanford's rough start to the year continues.

Oklahoma State at Texas

Remember when this used to be a big rivalry? Was it ever a big rivalry? I'm not sure. I can't think of a time. Anyway, Texas wins.

Notre Dame at Georgia

Oh, I forgot about this game! A top-ten battle in week 3. This is gonna be sweet...

Also, this is exactly the sort of game I want to see Notre Dame play. They have the set of teams they play every year: Army, Stanford, Navy, USC, etc. And these are good games that should be enjoyed. But I also like to see Notre Dame move around and play different teams. They are independent, it's nice to see them use that independence to schedule interesting games. Games like this.

Anyway, Notre Dame is coming off of a playoff berth and is hoping for another this year. Georgia is disappointed they did not get into the playoffs last year and hopes to fix that this year.

Georgia is the clear favorite with all the weight that the SEC brings to bear. But Notre Dame should not be discounted: they are a very good team with a lot of pride. However, Georgia has more tools at their disposal, which will be enough for the win.

Colorado at Arizona State

Arizona State is undefeated and coming off of a big road win. Colorado isn't undefeated, but they will get a big road win this week.


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